Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs is a game worth keeping an eye on | Game Guys

Currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal is the upcoming open world vigilante justice video game Watch_Dogs, and it's a game that's well worth keeping an eye on.

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jony_dols2012d ago

No shit news10. I think every gamer that saw the reveal demo from E3 2012 realized that!

1OddWorld2012d ago

Agree^ Bubble for you Sir

This is a game you purchase screw keeping an eye on it. Pre-Order

DeadlyFire2010d ago

I have watched this game more than any game I have seen so far in my life. It is very intriguing to me.

ltachiUchiha2012d ago

I notice alot of watch dog articles. Games going to be awesome.

Knight_Crawler2012d ago

Grand Theft Auto who? Eat your heart out R*.

I am glad GTA is finally getting some real competition - GTA 4 was a borefest and it was the first GTA game that I did not finish.

fattyuk2012d ago

What's watch dogs got to do with GTA?

Or are you me of these people that think any sandbox game is ment to be GTA "contender"

GribbleGrunger2012d ago

Understatement of the year!