Retrospective: 10 Years of Tomb Raider

In this Gametap feature they cover all aspects of Tomb Raider. They start from the series inception and work they way up until Lara Croft's latest realeases.

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Slayer OP3865d ago

10 years of completly unintuituve gameplay. But thats not what the gmae was really about, it was about a game where the main character wore as little clothing as a teen rated game could allow so 12 year old boys could pleasure themselves to the game.

Nice job guys!

paper3865d ago

So Angelina really did turn out to be a womb raider.

vilmer3865d ago

Fantastic and professional vid, great job.

level 3603865d ago

Felt it just got flogged too much... replaced by quantity just to promote this franchise.

The look has become better but still cgi anatomy is not the best, other games have moved on this one has'nt.