5 Ways Microsoft Could Screw Up The Xbox Reveal

GR: On May 21st Microsoft will finally pull back the curtain on its plans for the next generation of gaming with the reveal of its successor to the Xbox 360. Up until now we've heard all sorts of rumors, some of which have been positive, while an alarming amount have been negative. Sony came out swinging in February with a PlayStation 4 reveal that knocked just about everyone's socks off. Will Microsoft's showing be able to compete? Here are a few ways in which Microsoft could really screw the pooch.

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GalacticEmpire3612d ago

"2. Don't Focus on the Gamer

The one thing that Sony absolutely nailed at their PlayStation 4 reveal was their messaging that the PS4 is all about the gamer"

This point about focus is what I'm most concerned about at the Xbox reveal. First impressions are vitally important and if MS want to sell their console as an entertainment device rather than a game device they will HAVE to show a lot of non-gaming material.

It will be incredibly difficult to both sell the box as an entertainment centre without taking focus away from the gaming aspect. MS want both sets of customers but it's more likely that they will have to choose, we find out which they chose on May 21st.

alexcosborn3612d ago

Great point.

The question is whether or not they will end up spreading themselves too thin.

abzdine3612d ago

for me is lack of focus on gamers and go too far in their social and TV services i dont give a damn about.
Also, i want live demos of whatever they're gonna show.

HammadTheBeast3612d ago

If they try to compete with Apple or Google as well as Sony and Nintendo, then they will mess up.

MikeMyers3612d ago

5. Major Nelson kind of mocked Sony for not showing it so they pretty much have to.

4. That would be pretty sad if they only showed one game. I think we will see a few but not many. They'll save them for E3.

3. They should show the new Kinect if there is one and real world experiences, not tech demos. If they can prove this time it's cool then people will soon forget about how bad the first Kinect was for real games. Most see it as a gimmick and I tend to agree but if they can show it's actually more fun then I'm open for being proved wrong.

2. They need to show the Xbox is still at its heart a game console. They are all adding more functions and media/social services to their devices but Microsoft needs to keep reassure gamers they are committed to games.

1. This is a tough one. Always-on isn't the problem, it's the always-on DRM that people are worried about. If it blocks used games and requires an online connection to work it will fail. If it makes things run better with it being connected no problem. They will likely do what Sony is doing, leaving it up to the publisher.

DOMination-3611d ago

According to Gametrailers its only an hour long. I expect them to show the console and its features but that doesn't leave much time for games.

MikeMyers3611d ago

It's close to E3 so I expect at least a few games but not too many. They will save most of it for E3. We'll probably get to see the system and they will talk about some of the features. They may also at that time unveil some of their partnerships. I'm expecting a demo of Battlefield 4 and some sort of exclusive deal. I don't expect new ip's at this event but rather at E3.

Hopefully they don't waste much time and have a steady flow of information. Just remember, the PS4 unveiling and this Xbox event are uncharacteristic for them. We haven't seen these type of early announcements before. E3 will still be the main event.

iNcRiMiNaTi3611d ago

I'm expecting some sort of halo 5 teaser if they have one and a full reveal at e3

Godmars2903611d ago

- Major Nelson may have painted them into a corner. Not they they couldn't change the design.

- Thing about game presentation, they could show anything. Just show a CG trailer and many will eat it up. There were too many instances this gen of games being shown too early and suffering for it.

- They need to show Kinect 2.0 and it needs to work. No bottom of a shoe incidents. Not that they can't simply stage things like they did with Milo and Star Wars.

_ To "prove" that Xbox3 is still a game console all they have to show are games.

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extermin8or3611d ago

Thing is actually number 2 isn't important to me at this point perse-obv I want them to focus on the gamer- but even if they do looking at the xbox 360- I'm not sure if i'd trust them anyway not for which console to buy 1st- buying one on release and the other a few years down the line after a price drop is something I'll consider if the other has the exclusives worth buying it then, I am pretty much guaranteed Sony will have exclusives worth owning the console for- but how do I know this isn't a charade by MS to get early adopters through the door then come 2 years time, the focus shifts completely... :s

Godmars2903611d ago

"It will be incredibly difficult to both sell the box as an entertainment centre without taking focus away from the gaming aspect."

And yet Sony's managed to present the PS3's media features while focusing on games.

One thing I'd like to know: given how Netflix is most most used on PS3, how are the other apps like Hulu and Crunchyroll doing. Knowing those numbers would go a long on saying whether or not MS is only spinning their wheels. That they should just sacrifice that aspect of XBL to make Xbox3 more popular.

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dbjj120883612d ago

#6 - Show Up

Microsoft will likely screw themselves on this one. The PS4 has already won next-gen if you would believe N4G headlines in the past few weeks.

alexcosborn3612d ago

The PlayStation faithful are certainly a loyal (and vocal) bunch! :)

-Falaut-3612d ago

Congratulations. You can remove "PlayStation" and replace it with lets say "Xbox", and it would hold true. Welcome to the wonderful world of generalizations.

AngelicIceDiamond3611d ago

I agree

And Why are people here afraid that the new Xbox won't play games? WTF are people taking about seriously?

N4G's on drugs...

aviator1893612d ago

It'd be pretty hilarious if they were demoing the system and -boom-, some sort of red ring or error message popped up.

dbjj120883612d ago

Like when Peter Moore was playing Rock Band?

alexcosborn3612d ago

Or when the controller died during the Modern Warfare 2 stage demo?

majiebeast3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Like when Robbie Bach couldnt get the OG Xbox to work on stage so they had to get a new one or bam avatars shoe.

TechnicianTed3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Sony had a great E3 in 2006 though.


'Microsoft has had bad E3's since 2009.'

That's true, but E3 2006 was the most memorable in peoples eyes. That was a classic. It certainly makes for funny viewing.

majiebeast3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Microsoft has had bad E3's since 2009.

FamilyGuy3612d ago

This is what I was looking for in this article.
If they have any major technical difficulties then they're screwed.

Jek_Porkins3612d ago

Maybe they'll demo everything on high end PC like Sony did at the PS4 reveal? Then they wouldn't need to worry about it.

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ThatCanadianGuy5143612d ago

If there is more then 15 minutes of kinect in any way.IE- kid actors, dancers, washed up celebrities or any combination of those three - then i'm out MS.

YodaCracker3612d ago

You were never in to begin with.

hellvaguy3612d ago

You cant point out the obvious or stealth sony zealots or u gunna lose that 1 bubble. This site is ran by KGB sony zealots that will assassinate your bubbles at will.

ThatCanadianGuy5143612d ago

Don't be so dramatic.

I was a PC gamer first then PS1, then xbox, and just recently PS3.If they want to get me back they better focus on games, and i mean good, AAA games.Lots of em.

Tired of their nonsense and their delusional fans who put up with it and stick up for it.

Tultras3612d ago

So.. you didn't have a Ps2.

You have not lived, my friend.

ThatCanadianGuy5143611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

I know.I missed a lot.Been catching up on all those HD remakes lately tho.Xbox just had me hooked with Kotor, Jade empire and almost entirely hooked on Battlefield: Modern combat which was console exclusive and not on PC, sadly.

XBL was also miles ahead of whatever Sony was doing with PS2 at the time.

DigitalRaptor3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

I like how quick people are to call out other as fanboys. When you reveal your true history and experience with gaming, it's not hard to see that a gamer is anyone with past experience on several gaming platforms.

I currently support Sony and PC gaming and have gamed many other devices, but am skeptical of Microsoft because of their treatment of consumers in a number of ways THIS GEN and their recent direction in the console space. You've got to be true to yourself even if people are trying to call you out as a fanboy.

I also missed out on some PS2 games that are now in HD on PS3, but appreciate the fact that they're coming out again. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, yeah!! AND looking forward to seeing what MS has up its sleeve for 2013 & beyond. They've got to drop that online play charge though.

fsfsxii3611d ago

Lots of butthurt fanboys in the comment section of the video

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