Gaming's Top 50 Journalists

Who are the 50 most influential journalists in the U.S games industry? This list is just one freelancer's take on some of the people who make game journalism such an exciting and varied field, but it should start some good discussions among readers about what makes good game journalism and what makes a good game journalist.

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specialguest5892d ago

whatever happened to Sushi-X? he use to love fighting games and depised RPGS.

Silverwolf5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

Who the hell care's about "Gaming's Top 50 Journalists". I like to read the articles but I'm not geek enough to bother to know who wrote them. Besides I don't really care who they are, as most of them will be biased towards one system or the other.

Shadow Flare5892d ago

is possibly the best picture i've ever seen in my life. The curvature of his pencil nose/ the concentration beaming from his parrot eyeballs, its a thing of genius really isnt it? Thank you zypher for giving me a reason to live