Rape in Video Games? Top Aide to Boston Mayor Says Yes at Legislative Hearing

Gamepolitics writes:

"Last Month, British Parliamentarian - and frequent video game industry critic - Keith Vaz sparked a bit of controversy by claiming that interactive rape is depicted in video games.

A top aide to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino apparently offered similar commentary at yesterday's hearing by the Massachusetts Legislature's Joint Committee on the Judiciary concerning HB1423, a proposal designed to restrict the sale of violent video games to minors.

As reported by the Boston Herald, Larry Mayes, Mayor Menino's director of Health and Human Services, claimed that gamers score points for, among other acts, raping women:

Larry Mayes, Menino's director of Health and Human Services, urged lawmakers to view for themselves some "Mature"-rated games, many of which award players points for shooting people, raping women or setting people on fire. Mayes pointed to several researchers who have found a correlation between such games and aggression.

"I'm sure you will conclude Mayor Menino is in fact right to do all he can to protect children, even if it means pushing back on a multi-billion-dollar industry."

Testifying for the video game industry were ESA VP Gail Markels and Sean Bersell, VP of the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA), the trade organization which represents video game retailers. As reported by the Herald:

Markels… said the industry has a board that rates games' appropriateness for youngsters, and it is up to retailers whether to sell or rent to minors, based on a game's rating.

"While the state may regulate minors' access to materials defined as harmful under state law," [Markels] said, "such restrictions are limited to depictions of sexually explicit conduct that is obscene to minors."

GP: As we asked Keith Vaz when he made similar remarks, can Larry Mayes name even a single game which features rape as a playable option?"

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snoop_dizzle3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Its wierd when they make accusations like this and have no basis or proof to do so.

fenderputty3865d ago

off of word of mouth. They don't actually know what the hell is going on. Talk about jumping on a bandwagon.

snoop_dizzle3865d ago

yeah, i think instead of weird i should of put "funny in a sad way"

and hey i wonder if he just a hypocrite like spitzer was.

fenderputty3865d ago

I've noticed that the most staunch advocates of some sort of cause are often just involved in an advanced form of self hate. How many gay senator republicans got outed last year? I thin there was at least one huge evangelical preacher outed too.

The Spitzer thing is hilarious.

Political Scandals FTW!

pwnsause3865d ago

well thats how they divert their scandals thats on the media to video games, politics, they are the scum of the earth.

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Gorgon3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Actually there's one game: Colonel "something", an old game in which you rape indian women. In fact, its the sole objective of the game. Still, it hardly qualifies as an example to criticize the industry as a whole.

CRIMSON WOLFE: yes, that one too. Those sick japanese...

Lumbo3865d ago

guess you don't know "rapelay" ;) if any game could be called rape simulator that one would score the price ...

Though it is said to be censored completely. But as i neither speak nor read japanese i couldn't care less about dating sim crap.

fenderputty3865d ago

find it odd that the only video games that are even close to "rape simulators" are Japanese games?

poopface13865d ago

or something like that. It was too pixelated to tell if the indian girl gave her consent, so that might be the video game rapage that these old guys are talking about.

Reibooi3865d ago

I'm so sick and tired of retarded old people claiming there is this and that in games when if you put a damn PS3 or 360 in a room alone with them they wouldn't even be able to turn the damn things on. They need to do some damn research and stop bashing stuff that know absolutely nothing about. This happens all to often and its gotten to the point where it is no longer funny.

i rule3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

i feel that sometimes they do take games too far. as a gamer i see that there has to be some type of middle ground. I find it funny that people on this site hate republicans, but its always dummycrats who try to limit these games. who do you think wants to put a sin tax on games? It just goes on and on. some of you need to learn the issues before you speak out of your butt about something you know nothing about.. Dont they teach government in school anymore??

fenderputty3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

had nothing to do with political sides. It had everything to do with politics and polititans in general. Democrat/republican alike. Spitzer himself is a democrat. What I also find funny is that you're the first person to toss out an insult (dummycrat). Maybe you ought to take your own advice and go back to school so you can up your reading comprehension and follow along in a basic thread.

BTW ... BUSH is moron. The Iraq war served no purpose other then pissing the world off and lowering the american dollar value due to massive debt. The economy is in the toilet and while you continue to vote for the religious right, the middle class will continue to get sqeezed. :p

/go obama!

kornbeaner3865d ago

I too I'm a father as well. But there is this little thing that keeps me kid from playing or watching things I don't want him to watch. Its me! I take responsibility for what I allow my son to watch and videogames don't get a pass just because its my favorite hobby. Parents need to be more involved with what they allow their children to see and not let the government dictate how the industry is going to be runned, bunch of hypocrite they all are. they couldn't take down the porn industry, so now they have to go after another industry and the gaming industry is new enough for them to keep trying, Bastards!.

fenderputty3865d ago

I don't know if you personally feel this way but, why in God's name should the government take down the Porn Industry? Every rational adult should have access to porn if the feel the need. I'll go so far as to say some poor saps actually need the stuff.

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