"Why Music in Video Games has Never Been Better" Interview with Composer Jason Graves

Composer Jason Graves, award winning chap, takes us a through a journey on musical composition for gaming- find out why music in games has NEVER been better!

His accolades include Dead Space and more recently Tomb Raider. If you ever wanted to know exactly how they produce music for your favourite games....he has the inside info.


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Snookies123131d ago

Obviously someone has never heard Chrono Trigger's soundtrack. :]

Maldread3131d ago

Agreed. I just love the music of FF7 and MGS1 as well. Fantastic music, despite the MIDI-sounds almost hurting your ears now ;)

Snookies123131d ago

Yeah, I loved those two games' soundtracks as well. The thing I love about game music, is that you'll find a lot of others who enjoy it as well. Meaning you can usually come across remixes or completely remade versions of your favorite songs. Since, as you stated. The MIDI sounds are a bit ear piercing these days lol.

mondofish3131d ago

It is interesting to note how important music is to a video game. Without the excellent score, the entire experience feels somewhat hollow.

PureSophistry3131d ago

Just amazing to hear how the process works- News to me!