Sony Reports PS4 Will Be Cheaper to Deliver to Launch than PS3 - Does This Really Affect Consumers?

Sony has announced that the PS4 was cheaper to make and develop than the PS3, which means it will be cheaper to deliver to launch as well.

But will these savings actually pass to the consumer as well? Not if Sony continues being the Sony it's always been.

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ltachiUchiha2017d ago

"But will these savings actually pass to the consumer as well? Not if Sony continues being the Sony it's always been."

Dont know about the writer but for me as a core gamer im still enjoying awesome games this late in the ps3's life cycle with more amazing new ip's on their way with the last of us, beyond two souls & puppeteer which are all new ip's. IMO I love the direction sony is going & I think they will only be more successful with ps4.

showtimefolks2017d ago

When ps3 launched it was the cheapest bluray player available
It came with built in wifi
All system came with hard drive
Cell was expensive to build
A lot of R&D

So now with PS4

Bluray drives are much much cheaper
Hard drives are cheaper. Ps4 IMO will have at minimum 500GB
No to little money for R&D

So yeh ps4 will be cheaper

I wouldn't be surprised if there are 2 models $399-499 or $399-$449

But remember one thing don't expect many price drops, we are 7th year into ps3 and its still selling for $299 same as xbox360

So expect to pay those launch prices for atleast 2 yars than maybe $50 price cut than another 1.5-2 years before anther

Baka-akaB2017d ago

We dunno that , you can't base it on the ps3 . Just like you mentioned the higher cost of the ps3 , the ps4 model could more easily accomodate future price cuts .

The ps2 had plenty of those .

nukeitall2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I think the 8GB GDDR5 will be very expensive, especially since they aren't commonly made.

Prices go down as you mass manufacture, and Sony might be able to cut the cost down the line, but up front it is going to be one expensive part.

Financially Sony can't absorb the cost either so I expect the low end model to be at $449. That is assuming Sony doesn't include the Kinect copy.

Saigon2016d ago


Technically none of the tech that will be in the PS4 is readily available, since you seem to keep pointing out the GDDR5 each time. If you read deeper into the content of the system both AMD and Sony has stated the APU is a custom built device. AMD provided the architect and Sony took the device a tweaked it to their desire. AMD has gone on record stating how they were amazed at What Sony was able to do with the chip set. Now from that, We can see that Sony has some type of deal were they are able to get the materials they need in order to make the product the way they want it. Because they are a hardware manufacturing company at heart they specialize in making products suitable for customers.

I think your remarks to GDDR5 is mute at this point, at least to me.

Skips2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"I think the 8GB GDDR5 will be very expensive"


Not nearly as expensive as including Blu Ray back in the day and including an HD back in the day. ESPECIALLY NOT the manufacturing of the Cell. Blu Ray players alone went as high up as $800 to $1000.

Sony really only has one expensive part to put in the entire PS4. Do you actually believe including 8GB will be nearly expensive as all three of the above? XD

I'm pretty damn sure the PS4 won't be NEARLY as expensive to create (and as a result, cost) as Sony has already stated the PS4 will be taking a MUCH smaller loss on every console sold and allowing for them to price competitively.

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Qrphe2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

"From its original $249 MSRP, it took 3 years for the price to drop—and then, only by $50."

That's incorrect, the PS2 was launched at $300 in the US and had a pricecut in 2002 to $200.

Edit: It had a price cut a year after release in Japan as well

mirroredsakura2017d ago

Thank you for that, I had a hell of a time finding prices for the PS2--I thought I remembered more price drops in between, but I simply couldn't search up any documentation on it anywhere. My Google-fu was not strong this night.

sherimae24132017d ago

the more the ps4 is cheaper in price.. the more i can afford to buy one.. ^_^

ltachiUchiha2017d ago

Exactly & cheaper will also attract casual gamers aswell. I dont see the negativity in that. =]

Bigpappy2017d ago

Cheaper could mean $589 rather than $599

Lone_Man2017d ago

agreed...this is the big concern that by how much the sony is going to low the prices 399 would be cool though..but after looking at the controller i think it would be more than 499

Y_51502017d ago

I love this joke.
KAZ @E3 2013- "599 US DOLLARS" is a thing in the past, now we bring you the new affordable price tag for the PS4...550 US DOLLARS! Any questions?

Qrphe2017d ago

Except that there was a $499 SKU.

badz1492017d ago

other places were getting the premium 60GB model only.

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