Harvest Moon: Magical Melody IGN UK Review

Keza MacDonald writes: "Yes, Rising Star deserves a punch on the nose and a slap on the wrist for some risible development decisions, most of which appear to show little love for this fine series. As it is, though, Magical Melody is still a tough title to stay angry with for long. It's soothing, compulsive and peculiarly thrilling all at once: a perfect little world where working hard brings its own tangible rewards and cows have huge happy faces. Even in this slightly butchered state, it's good to see Magical Melody finally on these shores. If you're of a more action-orientated persuasion, a fan of the GameCube original or a member of the fairer sex, you might have cause for complaint - otherwise, off you go, and enjoy the greatest game so far in a superb series."

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