Viva Piñata drops candy screens

Fresh from the screenshot cauldron, a handful of new Viva Piñata shots have landed in our collective laps, showing off Rare's crazy garden game that hits Xbox 360 later this year.

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TheMART5888d ago

Nice find Outlaw!

And this will be such a great game. Many people don't seem to get it still though. Saying it's only for kids. This is like The Sims in the way it'll be used.

The Sims also attracted kids, but also grown up ppl. Mainly audience were girls, but still. The game attracted many people because they could build their world. Grown up or tuned down.

Expect this one to be a big hit all around.

PS360PCROCKS5888d ago

wow very cool screens, very artistic, I really like this one

THWIP5888d ago

...if this, Kameo, and the upcoming Banjo Kazooie use the same engine. They all appear to have similar color palettes, textures, character design, etc.


Mikey_Gee5888d ago

This game is affecting me much the same as Kameo did.

At first looked at it as kind of kid-ish and silly. Once I looked into Kameo more and played the Demo ...... I REALLY LIKE IT !!

Same for this title, at first I dismissed it, but the screens are very nice and it is starting to get my attention now.