New owner transitions from Xbox 360 to PS3

As video game consoles drop in price, more and more people are becoming bi-console, or people that own more than one "next-gen" console. This article chronicles a long time 360 owner buying a PS3 and their impressions of the new console, from a first-time buyer's point of view.

From the article: "After my purchase of a PS3 on Saturday, I now own or have owned every gaming apparatus ever made by Sony and I'm ashamed to admit I owned a mini disc player at one time too… The PS3 was just too expensive to justify."

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sonarus3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

yea. I wonder why the hell warhawk never got patched to allow friend invites. All you can do is see games your friends are in and enter. Which is ok but ol' fashioned invites are better.

Congrats on this guy picking up a ps3 and yes it does look cooler than a 360:D (opinion) besides don't you know you always bet on black :D

MURKERR3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

the ps3 is just so damn futuristic,not only looking but in terms of what it can do

i am a very proud owner

JsonHenry3918d ago

Welcome aboard. Wish I knew you wanted one though, cause I am gonna sell mine. With a PC, Wii, and a 360... my PS3 just collects dust. That will all change within the next year though when the kick arse PS3 games start shipping.

Spinner3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

You a PC, 360, and a PS3 - out of those choices you select to sell the PS3? What the hell?

If you have a great PC, the last thing you would want is a 360.

ikkokucrisis3917d ago

Funny enough, I view the 360 to be the darkside and PS3 to be the lightside.

JsonHenry3917d ago

The Playstation 3's online service is BULLSHIT. Free, but crappy compared to the 360. And honestly, I only know two people who own a PS3 to play online with anyway.

But I got about 20-30 people I know that I play on Xbox LIVE with. And the PC... that is my favorite platform of choice. Although playing Wii games with my wife and house guests is a lot of fun.

But I am not going to sell my PS3. There are plenty of single player games coming out for it later this year I want to play.

Raptors3917d ago

PS3 definitely has all the games coming in 2008 for sure. But psn is absolute garbage. And if you think it's better than Live you're in serious denial.

mikeslemonade3917d ago

By the end of this generation the PS3 will be the better system and will have sold more than its rival.

lawman11083917d ago

I am not even trying to flame or bash, I even want MLB the show 08 but the truth is I almost NEVER play the PS3 and I also bought the DS3 controler. Did not help much. Will I buy MGS4? sure but not those "Kid" games LBP ect sorry. and as for BR when they hit $15 or $19 bucks I will buy but NO WAY am I going to spend $30 bucks for a movie. F U Doodle/Shmee a-hole

Engineer3917d ago

Man, I've got a small collection of blu-rays now (20ish) and not one of them has cost me more than 20 dollars. They've been having sales at and HMV nearly every week. Though I do suppose 5 dollars above the price of a DVD is too much for some people, I'd definatly pay more for HD.

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gaffyh3917d ago

Gotta be honest but he didn't even get the best games, Warhawk is OK and Motorstorm is OK, but he should have got Uncharted and Resistance. But his 360 to PS3 transition is quite good, seems like he was kinda impressed, if you have PS3 and then get a 360 it's like you go back in time.

The 360's graphics are very good in some games (GeOW, Bioshock etc.), but in some games the graphics are like very good PS2 graphics (Lost Odyssey, doesn't look that great, but the game is a good RPG much better than boring Mass Effect).

kosha3918d ago

i only have a ps3 but i wouldnt mind a 360 as its got a load of great games

fenderputty3918d ago

when is a different question though. There are plenty of games to keep me busy this year on the PS3. I don't even know if I have time for two consoles. Next year doesn't look like it's going to be a slow year either.

Montrealien3918d ago

a true gamer would have all the consoles if he could because it is all about the games, not the consoles. Console wars are fueled by tweens that can`t afford them all.

CrazzyMan3918d ago

And most games are just average.

This LIST is a list of exclusive games for x360, since it`s launch till today (i.e.) after 2 years and 5 month. In this list are only absolute exclusives for Europe and USA, which are not available on any other platform, in other words, games which would make you buy x360.

Scores are from and

Ace Combat 6 (81) and (80)
America's Army: True Soldiers (44) and (43)
Amped 3 (74) and (72)
Beautiful Katamari (73) and (73)
Blue Dragon (77) and (79)
Bomberman: Act Zero (34) and (34)
Bullet Witch (57) and (55)
Chromehounds (72) and (71)
Crackdown (84) and (83)
Culdcept Saga (73) and (72)
Dance Dance Revolution Universe (75) and (74)
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 (71) and (67)
Dead or Alive 4 (86) and (85)
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (53) and (53)
Dead Rising (85) and (85)
Earth Defense Force 2017 (71) and (71)
Forza Motorsport 2 (90) and (90)
Full Auto (71) and (70)
Fuzion Frenzy 2 (51) and (49)
Halo 3 (93) and (94)
Import Tuner Challenge (53) and (54)
Kameo: Elements of Power (81) and (79)
Kengo: Legend of the 9 (45) and (38)
Lost Odyssey (78) and (75)
MotoGP '06 (80) and (80)
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (78) and (78)
Ninety-Nine Nights (63) and (61)
The Outfit (70) and (70)
Over G Fighters (53) and (49)
Perfect Dark Zero (81) and (81)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (89) and (88)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (86) and (85)
Project Sylpheed (66) and (64)
Ridge Racer 6 (75) and (74)
Rumble Roses XX (63) and (62)
Saints Row (82) and (81)
Tenchu Z (57) and (55)
Tetris Evolution (57) and (52)
Viva Pinata: Party Animals (58) and (55)
WarTech: Senko No Ronde (61) and (59)

Total: 40

The score in range 3+ 1 and 2
The score in range 4+ 2 and 3
The score in range 5+ 8 and 7
The score in range 6+ 4 and 4
The score in range 7+ 13 and 13
The score in range 8+ 10 and 9
The score in range 9+ 2 and 2

InYourMom3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

What are you trying to say??

That's 40 more games he get's to play that he wouldn't if he only owned a PS3. You also don't list any XBL arcade exclusives.

If you don't have a gaming rig you need to think about all those great games that you exclude because they are on MS's other platform, the PC.


kewlkat0073918d ago

Any gamer that just loves to play games will not just worship one console if he can afford others..

I don't see how your own "preference list" applys to other gamers, that appreciate all console for what they have instead of their weaknesses.

Of course all strategies are different and we all have the right to criticize and discuss, negatives and positives about these console manufactures.

Unless your a fanboy, then all is great with your console of choice. ALWAYS

CrazzyMan3918d ago

PC is best for FPS and RTS.
Consoles are best for OTHER genres.

IF you won`t get PS3 for MGS4, FFXIII, KZ2, LBP, Ressistance 2, WKS, FFXIIIv, Heavy Rain, Motorstorm 2,Tekken 6, Team Ico game, 8 days, Infamous, Getaway 3, Jakuza 3, Wardevil, Disgaea 3, GT5, God of war 3, Naruto PS3, HSG5 and etc., THEN you are really NOT a gamer.

Now, just think, you play FPS and RTS on PC, other genres on PS3, for what you are getting x360? For those 40 exclusive games, which most of them are average?


VirusE3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Crazzyman you are insane to bring gamerankings or metacritic into this in an attempt to bash the 360. Time to burst your bubble, sorry dude. I love how you try to bring the pc into by saying not playable on any other system. 90% of the people shopping for a ps3 or 360 are not going to be a pc gamer or do not have a pc that can run these games with comparable graphics to their ps3 or 360 counterparts. You can get ut3 on pc but if you don’t own a pc that can run it at ps3 quality what does it mater? How about we look at 360 vs. ps3 period. If one is at the store, owns no systems and wants to buy a 360 or a ps3 what factors should he consider? How about these!

Metacritic (gamerankings is blocked from my work)
360 has 11 games rated 90% or above aka triple a game. 7 of which can not be played on ps3. 1 of them, the orange box is also on ps3 but is not rated AAA for ps3

Ps3 has 3 all of which are playable on the 360 and 2 of those 3 (rockband and oblivion) are rated higher on the 360. The ps3 has zero games that can’t be played on xbox rated 90% or above.

Ps 3 has 45 games rated 80-89% motorstorm is on the list twice so the list goes down to 44. 29 of these games are also on 360. Of those 29, 17 of them are rated higher on 360, 4 or them are rated better on ps3 and 8 are rated equally.

360 has 78 games rated 80-89% So many are rated higher on than the ps3 version I got tired of counting.

The numbers are not even close, they lean extremely in the favor of xbox.

I am a tri owner personally so don’t even try to call me a fanboy. I am using a logical metric based system that isn’t built on bias. I have both gamertags and can even post pics of my setup if you want. How ever you want to slice it there are more quality games to play on the 360 period. I am not trying to bash the ps3, it is an awesome system that does many things the 360 doesn’t but crazzyman you are painting a BS picture and the record need to be set straight.

All that being said true gamers go multi if they have the resources and dream about doing so if they don’t have the resources. Its about games people not systems.

CrazzyMan3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

These Scores are FACTS and NO bash here. And i believe, that people who are NOT indifferent to FACTS will support me with bubbles.

Now you are ignoring PC as BEST platform for FPS, WHY? You believe x360 is best platform for FPS? Fanboy.

Most games which were rated on PS3 were rated, when media was BIASED against PS3.
And Oblivion came after 1 year, thats why it got lower scores, because after 1 year standarts for games become higher. PS3 still has best version of Oblivion on consoles, while PC with mods best of all 3.

Now, just think, you play FPS and RTS on PC, other genres on PS3, for what you are getting x360? For those 40 exclusive games, which most of them are average?

And yes, SOME multiplatform console games of 2007 looking or playing on x360 better, then on ps3, but definetely not all. But now is 2008, everything is changed. Unless you are getting x360 for games of 2006-2007, i don`t understand you.
Not to mention, that xbox had SOME multiplatform console games with better scores, then on ps2. What was your point again?

@poopface1, MOST of these exclusive PS3 games coming during 1 year time. I can assure you, you will be busy with gaming on PS3 and PC this year.

poopface13918d ago

compare games that you can go out and play now (without some of the ones that should/are to be released on pc, cause they kick as$) with games that are not out and who the hell knows when they will be out. To me that alone made your argument pretty weak.

VirusE3918d ago

Ohhhh so you want to play big bank little bank? I am willing to bet LARGE amounts of cash that my pc gaming rig will eat yours for lunch. Hell I bet my sound card cost more than your pc (virus Ti, 2k usd wanna see pics?). I am a pc gamer and have been for years. The pc is the best place for FPS games but we are comparing 360 to ps3. The article for those who are able to read was about a 360 owner getting a ps3. Pc was never brought into it.

Going by your logic I could pay 600 for a ps3 and 2k for a good gaming machine or I could just buy a 360 for 350 and get all the same games? Way to own yourself.

What is you live tag I want to send you a friend request. PSN tag is V1rusE want to get owned in resistance. Ahh time for you to be quiet.

“Most games which were rated on PS3 were rated, when media was BIASED against PS3.”
“These Scores are FACTS”

Wow you look like a tool. If anyone is a fanboy your statement about bias makes it obvious who it is. Cognitive dissonance much? Your stats from metacritic are facts but mine are not? So you get to pick and choose what is fact and what isnt? Are you in politics or religion for a living by chance?

Now, just think, you play FPS and RTS on PC, other genres on PS3, for what you are getting x360? For those 40 exclusive games, which most of them are average?”

I repeat lets look at 360 vs. ps3. hell there are tons more exclusives for snes that either system but what does that have to do with the ps3 vs the 360. PC is a different platform. As for giving you bubbles obviously not many people are giving them to you? Hell I have twice as many as you do, maybe its time to look in the mirror and realize no one is liking what you are saying and you 100% are a fanboy.

fenderputty3918d ago

Dude ... you're owning yourself.

QUOTE: "PC is best for FPS and RTS."

then you go on to list at least two FPS's as must haves for PS3 including KZ2 and RFOM2. Dude ... I love my PS3 but, the 360 has great games as well and if a gamer has the time and money for both, you shouldn't knock it.

CrazzyMan3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Last bubble, last post, so you can no reply to my post, since i won`t be able to answer you.

"Pc was never brought into it." It`s STUPID to ignore PC. Here take a look -> (no 56k)

PS3 cost 399$ and good gaming PC 399$ ->

“Most games which were rated on PS3 were rated, when media was BIASED against PS3.”
“These Scores are FACTS”
I don`t see contradiction here. And xbox had SOME multiplatform console games with better scores, then on ps2.

"I repeat lets look at 360 vs. ps3. hell there are tons more exclusives for snes that either system but what does that have to do with the ps3 vs the 360. PC is a different platform."
You IGNORING PC, BECAUSE it can`t play Orange box, Bioshock, Gears of War? WHY you IGNORE PC? <- you can reply to this question.
Because PC is getting SO MANY exclusives, watch the list above, WHY any GAMER should IGNORE PC???

p.s. i LOST bubbles FOR stating FACTS.

@fenderputty, THESE FPS are EXCLUSIVE, if they would come to PC, of`course it would be played best on PC.

The Wood3917d ago

as a ps3 fan I would never use Meta C or game rankings against the 360. Its pointless. If the pool from which they draw their data from is lets say 'tarnished' why would the ps3 exclusive scores be a fair judgement. I don't trust their sources.

@ virus I respect your opinion and all that but you bringing up Meta and G rankings is just as nonsensical as crazyman. Can those sites change the way a feel or enjoyed a game. Those are just other peoples opinions culminated in a 'metascore' If you feel that uncharted or R+C weren't 90+ games then I wouldn't really describe ya as objective. I mention those two games in particular because the marks that those games and others were given made no sence leading me to believe that there was an unfair campaign against sony and the ps3 by some factions of the media. Too much variety, remember that one and guess what happens? that stupid low mark moves the 'meta' rating from x to just below x.

True gamers do not need to own all consoles to be called a true gamer. Thats not what makes a true gamer. You may own all three but play little like you seem to do with your ps3 or you may own 1 or two and play the hell out of them like me. As far as im concerned the ps3 is enough for me and the wii keeps the missus happy just about but who on earth buys a console game for both machines, my point is that if i can play it on my ps3 theres no need to get a 360 for a point 5 score improvement on multiplats. The question is are the exclusives enough for me. Nah, Variety is what im on about and I smell heavy hitters coming. Does what I say mean I dont want to play gears2, Hellllllll Nah, I can just do without or go to a mates like I did with the first gears. Im into rpgs also and the 360 has more of them at the moment if you don't count the ps2 ones. I know the ones I want to play are soon to be on the PS. The 360 just doesn't have enough for me to throw down the cash plus the hardware still isn't fixed and that gets factored into my purchasing decision. I'm sure most people played many 'average' games on the 360 but would scoff at me for saying I enjoyed and completed Folklore. This AAA a sh*t is killing gaming and fuelling fanboyism. The best reviewer of any game is cause I know what I like and I don't need all consoles to call myself a gamer or to truly enjoy myself. You don't need to listen to every type of music genre to be somebody who loves music, that's ridiculous.

Im a firm believer that we as humans bound by time and perceptions cannot possibly enjoy every single great bit of anything whether it be cars, films, music, food etc. I say this because even though you may have all consoles you have still missed SOME great games on a system you may actually own.

VirusE3917d ago

Dude no one is ignoring pc. We are talking about ps3 vs. 360. My argument is simply that if you put the 360 vs ps3 and use metacritic the 360 ends up looking way better period regardless of exclusive games. You bring the pc into it to soften the blow. You are comparing a pc and ps3 vs 360 which is hardly level ground. That argument makes the ps3 look bad from where i am sitting anyway. You need a ps3 and a pc to get the equal footing against the 360? How exactly does that make the ps3 so much better? Even if you factor the pc into the equation the 360 still has 3 AAA games that you can not get on any other system and the ps3 still has zero. Does that make you happy?

Your whole argument becomes moot when i point out that rather than buy a ps3 and a pc you can just get a 360 for 1/3rd the price and get all the games you are talking about. A 500 dollar gaming pc will not be playing gears at with the same graphic level that the 360 does. I HAVE THE game for pc and have an awesome rig and the game takes some balls to run. I can post dozens of pc game revies of gears where they also state that it takes way to powerful of a pc to get the same gfx quality out of gears.

Most people dont believe in using metacritic or game ranking which i think is fair. Keep in mind you brought them into this thread not me. I am just owning you with your own argument.

I attached a pic of my gaming pc lets see yours. Notice the 60gb ps3 sitting to the right by the chair. I must really be looking like a fanboy now.

VirusE3917d ago

Wood I 100% argee with your GR meta comment. I think you missed a few things i said.

"Crazzyman you are insane to bring gamerankings or metacritic into this in an attempt to bash the 360."


"Most people dont believe in using metacritic or game ranking which i think is fair. Keep in mind you brought them into this thread not me. I am just owning you with your own argument."

He brought meta into this not me, i am just using his own logic against him. To say meta or GR are the end all be all is just silly, my entire argument is based around the idea that the source he used strongly points to the opposite of what he is saying. I love my ps3 but i also love my 360 and i think to say owning 1 negates the need for the other is just plain silly and that is 100% what he is trying to say.

The Wood3917d ago

I did see that it was a rebuttal to crazyman I just feel, like yourself, that there's no point bringing it up. If it seemed I was overly critical of your use of game scores then I apologies. I wont apologies for what I said about being a true gamer, just kidding

tordavis3917d ago

"The best reviewer of any game is cause I know what I like and I don't need all consoles to call myself a gamer or to truly enjoy myself. You don't need to listen to every type of music genre to be somebody who loves music, that's ridiculous."

I applaud both of your for making some excellent points.

VirusE3917d ago

No need to apologize, if someone is going to put me in check i would prefer it be a real gamer with the ability to argue like yourself. You have a proven track record on this site for having a grounded view of games and i respect that.

Daishi3917d ago

Bubbles for both of you for keeping me out of this argument with crazyman. But one point is why is it called "new owner transitions from xbox 360 to PS3"?, wouldn't it have sounded better as long time 360 owner buys a PS3? Transition implies that he left one for the other which didn't happen. Oh well, I guess crazyman can use the word fanboy in the gamerzone after all...

adalwolfe3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

He is ignoring pc in this arguement because obviously pc is going to be better then both consoles within a year or two. I don't understand why your trying to word it so that it is superior to the 360 and not the ps3. Why, because ps3 has blueray?! pc's have blueray as well.. or because it has a few extra exclusives?.. the 360 does as well..

All arguements that you use for pro pc over 360 can be used as pro pc over ps3. Your just proving the fact that these consoles are becoming outdated compared to the pc, and that the grapical lead of both the 360 or the ps3 compared to the pc is narrowing. within a couple years pc will dominate both price wise, and there will most likely be a new console coming out around that time anyway.

Those buying either console now, are joining this generation a little late so they might as well get the console their friends are playing (mostly 360 in US) that has great games on it to play NOW, not "theories" that it ~may~ have good games in a year from now.. because after a year those games are going to look like crap compared to the new generation of games coming out by 2010 on pc. Just look at the gpu advances over the last 2 years.. gpu output almost quadruples the gpus that are in either console (not to mention they are doubling the graphics cards installed in the computers), combined with quad core cpu's, and 4gigs of ram on directx 10.. its insane..

Currently the 360 is the cheapest out of the box ready to start playing next-gen console available (and it has been since 2005), with the most exclusive hits, that are much cheaper and easier to play on the 360 compared to pc (no installations, updates, friends list, instant voice chat, achievements, it is all integrated) those are all headaches for pc gamers to get set up with friends that are not "in the loop". The ps3 is still struggling to get these features added.. by the time it does at the end of this year it'll be too late, even then you'll be lucky if it is as good as the 360's package.

m91058263917d ago

I will get a 360 when the failure rate drops to a level that I feel comfortable adopting, and when all the games I want to play for it stop coming to the PC. I spent $2500 on a gaming PC that I hand built a little over a year ago, and it still plays everything except Crysis at 1600x1200 max settings, including Gears of War. When 360 exclusives start actually being exclusives, I'll certainly look into one.

Daishi3917d ago

@ m9105826, there is no reason for you to get a 360 with what you already have. You are already playing MS games with no need to buy something cheaper to play the same games. That's why the xbox brand was made, so people who can't afford to spend thousands on a PC to play games can still enjoy MS games. Playing them on PC doesn't hurt MS by any means, that's what they did first. Consider the fact that you can by the new xbox in about a year or two or spend the same amount of money upgrading a video card. As long as your enjoying the same great games it's up to you if you want the expensive but personalized pc or the cheaper standardized console.

God of Gaming3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Crazyman wow seriously take your pills today. I often just view the painful posts here but for some reason today I am posting. It is very odd to watch the well thought out posts of those of us who have all three consoles. Those that can make a point based on what they have under their TVs right now like VirusE who was brilliant in his posts.

But the site is overrun by so called gamers like crazyman who you know only own one system (and lets be honest, look at the front page it is 90% Xbox hate posted by these same sony die hards) who ruin the site for those of us who just want to discuss all platforms in a civil way.

I often avoid coming here because of people like Crazyman because logic or normal discussion are something he is uninterested in. I am glad to see some multi console owning gamers are still around here and perhaps one day we can rid this fantastic site of the trash that infects just about every story posted.

For the record.. right now loving MLB The show on my PS3 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on my 360...

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Lord Vader3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

You must own both consoles, young jedi, to understand the true nature of the Force...

Lol, seriously, I wish everyone could afford both & then we could shoot any remaining fangirls & become a gaming community. No matter which system you have/support, don't knock the other until you've tried it for yourself. Both the Ps3 & the X360 have alot to offer gamers. The only system I dont care for is the Wii.

fenderputty3918d ago

I don't know why. I've given it a chance. I've played Metroid and Wii sports. I just can't get into it. I would much rather be playing a b1tchen looking and sounding game on my entertainment set up.

Lord Vader3918d ago

No doubt. My nephew has one & I enjoy playing it with him... for about 10 minutes. I like using my HDTV & my surround system & online MP games with graphics to match the gameplay. Metroid is fun, but it looks & feels like a last gen game to me.

resistance1003918d ago

I know what you mean, being at uni its getting harder and harder to support 3 consoles (PSP,360,PS3), selling my Wii and DS helped a bit, but i suspect i may have to let one of them go in the near future, just to get some more funds. Thats not to say i won't rebuy the console i sell in the future.

BeaArthur3918d ago

Well said, it's so annoying anytime I even bother to look at the comments in the open zone because you have fanboys calling other people fanboys. Irony anyone? I actually own all 3 and there is something positive to be said about each one. The 360 I think has the best current library of games and the best online service. The PS3 doesn't try to whore your wallet and has the best hardware; not to mention I have officially retired DVD's after I watched my free version of Spider Man 3 on Blu-Ray. And the Wii is something I can enjoy with my girl friend or when we have friends over and I love being able to download the classics on the virtual console. I'm not trying to start anything I'm just agreeing with Vader. People need to stop shouting at each other over trivial stuff and just enjoy what's out there to play.

Lord Vader3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

@ BeaArthur


No hate from me for the Wii either, it's just not my cup of tea. I would buy one if I liked the software, but it just doesnt have enough appeal for a technology whore like myself.


BeaArthur3918d ago

Same here man, I mean I like Metroid and Zelda and Mario Galaxy and I like being able to play with my girl friend (who couldn't figure out how to go up stairs the first time I showed here Halo 2). But outside those games there is very little appeal for someone who plays games like RSV, CoD, Mass Effect and Uncharted; if you take away the Wii motion controls it's basically a game cube.

Lord Vader3918d ago

" girl friend (who couldn't figure out how to go up stairs the first time I showed her Halo 2)..."

LOL ! Reminds me of my GF playimg Gears (rarely, when i can talk her into it)... it's hilarious.... I get the downs & then she runs up & chainsaws 'em !

BeaArthur3918d ago

haha, not to toot my own horn but now she can get double digit kills in matchmaking for Halo 3. I mean she is still 15 in the negative at the end of the round but she averages about 8 or 9 kills which is better than some of the other dummies I see on there. I know what you mean though I can't really get her to try anything else other than Halo 3.

fenderputty3918d ago

at Halo 2 that we let her in the clan. She usually posted a positive KDR. It was funny telling all these dudes that they just got worked by my little sister.

Lord Vader3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Ha ha... it's funny, now that I think about it, I have probably met more chicks on Halo than any other game on xbl... don't know why...

Nothing is funnier than a girl pwning...

Lol, must be the pastel colors & the pink armor option...

Bubbles+ Fender, Bea, & Resistence...

BeaArthur3918d ago

haha, nice. Typically if she has a good round she'll take the mic (after a few drinks of course) and talk junk to the other players but they all just think she is a 10 year old boy.

BeaArthur3918d ago

hahah, pastel armor options, that is classic. I won't lie my girl friends character is purple and pink. I love the way guys always start sucking up and telling them how great they are when they find out it's a girl. I'm sure she is going to drop her pants right there and start taking pictures for you.

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Kleptic3918d ago

what the hell is up with PixelJunk monsters?...I tried the demo and wanted to rip my own eyes out...and omg the music is enough to remove your own wisdom teeth with a shotgun...

Montrealien3918d ago

it is a brain thing I guess.

Daver3918d ago

PixelJunk Monsters is an awesome game and very addictive..
Some dont know how to appreciate a good game i guess...