Sizing up the NVIDIA-VIA acquisition rumors

When it comes to takeover and acquisition rumors, NVIDIA seems to be a perennial favorite. The company, a rumor that they may buy AMD has emerged on more than one occasion, as has a rumor that Intel was contemplating buying them. This history makes it necessary to take any NVIDIA-driven acquisition rumor with a grain of salt, but news that the graphics/chipset manufacturer might be considering an alliance or outright purchase of VIA Technologies is interesting enough to examine.

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vitz33865d ago

Great. Just great! That's just what we need, more monopolizing the games industry.

Skerj3865d ago

I'm glad Nvidia is making moves, I've supported their products since well. ..I was kind of forced to when they bought 3dfx. A year of piecing together my own driver packages and glide wrappers so I can play crap on XP decently grew tiring so I bit the bullet and bought Nvidia, and I haven't looked back since.

You never forget the days when you install a new graphics card and play that game that was giving you trouble and see it totally spanked by your PC.

I was afraid that AMD's acquisition of ATI would cause both companies to become a juggernaut and take Nvidia out, quite the opposite happened actually. We'll see what NVidia does with VIA, if anything. I'm guessing they'd beef up the integrated graphics chips that come on mobos and laptops.