New Ron Paul Message Video Uses Game-like Animation

Although Ron Paul's presidential hopes are rapidly fading, a group of "grassroots artists" have released an impressive, minute-long, video game-like commercial for the upstart Republican.

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Tempist3868d ago

If only this had gotten to more people...

CadDad3868d ago

Just needed to bend himself a little closer towards mainstream for his campaign to truly work. I give him props for sticking to his guns, but he could have bent his message to a more amiable crowd and then done his work once elected.

He is a fringe candidate, but you have to respect the fact he has held true with his voting record for as long as he's been a politician.


proArchy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

i think that pandering only serves to build false hopes, and trust in someone. Too many times has an elected official spouted beautiful campaign promises only to completely turn their back on them, and the nation of people that voted them in. Are you not tired of being lied to just so a sleazy, detatched politician, who truely could not care less about you, can con your vote out of you?

CadDad3868d ago

Of course I'm tired of it, but think for a second.

The system is in 3 parts. Executive, Judicial, and Legislative.

The president is a focal point but is only the head of one of them. Ron Paul is not mainstream enough to get elected, he won't be untill he softens his approach and appeals to the mainstream Americans.

Also, let's say he gets elected as is. Congress is entrenched in a Democrat//Republican battle constantly. Throw in this obvious libertarian as president and he would only have both sides battling against him without him softening his edge a bit. It's a lose/lose situation for all parties involved, including the people.

I would vote for Ron Paul as I'm mostly libertarian, but to get stuff done a libertarian will have to do a bit of dancing to appease the rest of the lawmakers for the system to enact change.


proArchy3868d ago

one day i hope people will tire of being misled by campaigning pillow talk, and this infernal struggle between an ass and an elephant They'll begin to seek out accountable, effective leaders on their own (ideally people should be able to govern themselves, and hold themselves accountable for their own actions, and the government would fade into a more localized association, reserved for communtity purchases such as roads, affordable healthcare and energy). Until more people refuse to spit on their convictions for popularity the convicted will be outcasts, and sadly, considered fringe. Remember though, one day, not so long ago(subjectively), the Republican, and Democratic parties were considered fringe as well.... their numbers grew

cooke153868d ago

That was probably the best campaign ad i have ever seen. Well done.

Rocko3868d ago

Too bad our broken and corrupt system would never let a man like this become President.

proArchy3868d ago

the outdated inneffective two-party american political system that forces the politicians with substance who platform for a true revolution in this country like Ron Paul to pidgeonhole themselves into one of two classes, or slide into obscurity. Forcing a candidate to declare loyalty to a party that is not his own creation presses the people to prejudge him as something he is not. American's, generally, are to lazy to research a candidate on their own, and too scared to "throw their vote away" on a candidate that they truely believe in, but doesn't have the major media outlet's spotlight on them. The youth of this nation are strong, and numerous, but they are also sadly apathetic, and remain silent when their voices are needed to be heard the most. When the time comes to vote this year don't waste your vote on a candidate you don't truely believe in just because you "don't want the other guy to win". Cast your vote on a candidate whose vision of the present and future inspires you. Only you can decide for yourself who that is.

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The story is too old to be commented.