Hands-On Preview: Metro: Last Light - Electronic Theatre

Deep Silver are soon to release their first title based on the assets bought from the now defunct videogames publisher, THQ. Metro: Last Light is the sequel to the popular Metro 2033, an experience that was largely considered to be more enjoyable as a journey than it was as a videogame. Metro: Last Light hopes to change that with significant improvements to its action set-pieces while maintaining the elegance of its predecessor’s pacing.

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CGI-Quality2014d ago

This doesn't sound like a very positive experience. I surely hope it's just them, because my Steam copy is already bought!

coolbeans2014d ago

EDGE recently posted their review score and gave it a 8/10. Even though I didn't like how 2033 turned out, I pre-ordered this because of how promising everything about this game looked.

CGI-Quality2014d ago

Hey there, ol' friend! Thanks for the info. ;)