Valve boss slams movies based on videogames

Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has slammed Hollywood's attempts to bring videogames to the big screen, stating that there will be no film adaptation of Half-Life unless a decent script is produced.

In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer, Newell said he makes a point of going to see videogame movies, although not through personal choice: "I have to put on my professional 'I'm doing this for the company' hat, not the 'I'm a movie go-er whose soul is going to be crushed by another unbelievably crappy game adaptation' one."

"I just think that there's an attitude right now that they're trying to exploit the built-in audience of gamers right now and they don't really care whether the movies are any good."

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halo4life6470d ago

I'm Tried of seeing these boring movies based on Video games the only one i want to see right now is the Halo I hope it lives to its hype

Sphinx6469d ago

Was there ever a good video-game movie? Well, besides Super Mario Brothers! Ha!


These Capcom Classics Need a Resi-Style Remake

From complete reimaginations to perfect refinements Capcom have breathe new life into classic titles. so which others should they tackle?

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Knightofelemia44m ago

Dino Crisis would be day one for me.


Star Citizen Launches Massive Capital Ship Capture Event as New Space Combat Mechanics Are Discussed

Developer Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to evolve its space sim Star Citizen, with a new event and a look at new upcoming features and content.

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Jin_Sakai33m ago

In other news.

Star Citizen’s live game director is leaving his position after nine years at CIG (which has not released one single game)

SimpleSlave12m ago(Edited 11m ago)

Maybe the real released game was the friends we made along the way...


New Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9 Operation Deadly Omen Reveals

This looks like great fun. Today, Ubisoft revealed the first season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9, Operation Deadly Omen. This season introduces Deimos, the first playable villain Operator in-game, improvements to current anti-cheat solutions including data bans on machine learning and meaningful changes to attachments and shields that reinforce tactical gameplay.