Pocket Gamer: Sony Ericsson W960i Review

The W960i is certainly a tricky phone to recommend without reservations. The new user interface is one of the best Pocket Gamer have ever seen on a phone and the potential for touchscreen gaming is immense. Sadly, they have seen such promise squandered in the past and it would be naive to expect a flood of worthy titles to appear in the near future so they must remain cautiously optimistic.

Nevertheless, the W960i is off to a wonderful start; the bundled Vijay Singh Pro Golf 3D remains one of the more compelling sports titles Pocket Gamer have yet witnessed on a mobile phone and the exceptional features housed within the phone's admittedly clunky exterior are likely to please even the most discerning mobile user.

Gaming - 7
Design - 6
Features - 8
Audio/Visual - 8
Overall -

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predator3918d ago

I have just received mine from vodafone 2 days ago, love it so far

Arkham3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

This is the phone I've been waiting for since last year, but it didn't materialize in North America last Oct-Dec. as initially reported. Too late, little 960, now I'm looking at the Xperia. <drool>

I think Sony-Ericsson is going to skip NA with this one and go with the X1 instead.