Sony Working On "Free-To-Play Type Game" For PS4

Dealspwn: The PlayStation 4 will bring about a variety of different publishing opportunities. Free-to-play is one such model that has been mentioned in the past, and as it turns out, this is something that Sony is pursuing.

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DeadlyFire3673d ago

Planetside 2 definitely coming. Can't wait to hear about it.

3673d ago
hesido3673d ago

I'd like to see free to play games but more than that, I hope they adopt a policy to find the middle-ground between retail games and current nickel and dime methods where obtaining even a small portion of what the game offers can cost you more than hundreds of dollars. I say it's okay if you'd like a blue colored laser pistol for a few dollars and nothing else from the game, but there could be something like a 40-50 usd fee that gives you all the goodies and upcoming dlc for a year, after which you keep the DLC, but not anything newer. This would be a nice balance for people who don't want to pay for a full experience vs people who'd like more from the game.

Fishy Fingers3673d ago

All aboard the micro transaction bandwagon.

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