DriveClub Will Occupy a Different Space on PS4 to Gran Turismo

PushSquare: While the game appears to share a number of similarities with the Gran Turismo franchise, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios doesn’t foresee any crossover between the two franchises. Speaking with EDGE, game director Matt Southern explained that the company is confident that its PlayStation 4 launch title will occupy a very different space to Polyphony Digital’s colossal series.

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SolidStoner3671d ago

Im not pumped, since I play GT, but to have other high quality driving game on the market is just great! I will wait and see how it ends up.. this far looks good.

merciless3671d ago

Even a Ms fan like myself has gotta admit the truth here. Those graphics look stellar!

I don't know much about this or how this will fit with the ps4 social media architecture but again this game looks so stellar!

DeadlyFire3671d ago

Microsoft has PGR, and Froza coming. Its only rightfully so that Sony has 2 racing IPs as well.

Imalwaysright3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Sony has 2 racing Ips: Motorstorm and GT. This will be their third.

Oh_Yeah3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Edit. 6! if you count mod nation racers, little big planet karting, and wipeout.

Chaostar3671d ago

Sony still own the Wipeout IP too.

USMC_POLICE3671d ago

They have 3 IPS wipeout is 3rd drive club would be 4th

guitarded773671d ago

@ Imalwaysright

Yes, but this is from Evolution Studios, the guys who make Motorstorm. This may replace Motorstorm as their racer for next gen.

Personally, I think this game will be a direct competitor to Forza. People always compare GT and Forza, but to me they are very different in feel. GT feels like a sim (which I love and have clocked in hundreds of hours on), and Forza feels a bit arcadey (if that's even a word) which appeals to the casual car enthusiast. I think Drive Club is more in the area of Forza in which it uses realistic car models, but is geared toward the more casual enthusiast.

I'm saving up now for PS4, and the upcoming GT announcement will be the deciding factor of whether I get Drive Club at launch of not.

MidnytRain3671d ago

I was pretty sure ModNation was dead after LittleBigPlanet Racing came around...

DeadlyFire3670d ago

Well I was thinking arcade/simulation street racing IPs. :P

No doubt Motorstorm, wipeout, and karting/modnation are all awesome as well.

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Thatmattkid3671d ago

I'd love to try this game with the Oculus Rift! The first person cockpit view coupled with the head tracking and next Gen graphics! I'm sure it would be something special indeed.

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