Games Radar: Wild Arms XF Review

If there's one place that Wild Arms XF excels, it's in its presentation. The music is great, the graphics are cute, the voiceovers are decent and the plot about Clarissa pretending to be a dead princess is compelling. And the battle system, however complicated, works - but it's just not that fun, and the sense of savage satisfaction that comes from finally winning a battle after numerous failures isn't enough to make up for the frustration. If you're the hardcore type or a deeply invested Wild Arms fan, there's definitely something here for you - but the most gamers will have to find something else.

You'll love:
- Cute graphics
- Catchy music
- The feeling of winning challenging battles

You'll hate:
- Long cutscenes tend to drag
- Escort missions are frustrating
- Losing battles again and again and again

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