Xbox 360 Red RRoD At PLAY.COM LIVE

From ButtonBandits:

"It wasn't all fun and games at Live (well 95% of it was). The red ring of death reared it's ugly head in the over 18's only area. To be fair it was hotter than the sun in there and all the Xbox 360's had been encased in plastic bubbles to stop them being "borrowed" by people, so they had little airflow to keep cool. We got a quick video of it before it was whisked away to the emergency room."

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HighDefinition3868d ago

The curse of MS. Trying to show off your product and at every show there is multiple RRODs.

They can`t seem to escape it, it`s now their shadow.

SKullDugger3868d ago

You will reap what you sow.

dalibor3868d ago

"You will reap what you sow"

- Boondock Saints (the movie)

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sonarus3868d ago

lol poow3 is such a clown but thats ok. We still like ya.
This is getting sad sooner or later RROD will happen on stage at E3 during a presentation and all msoft will be able to say is supply issues make us keep crappy consoles so we could send out good ones to customers. And instantly the loyalists will send praise. Thank you msoft for taking the crappy console so i wouldn't have to. Not knowing the inevitable truth that his console will most likely fail

The Killer3868d ago

or he means by having 1 RROD at shows likes this is big improvement?
i dont understand MS, r they really trying to advertise for their RROD??
why cant they fix it by now?? whats holding them back?? cant they make a new architecture for the new 360's?? or maybe that cost more money and they want to rip off customers knowing after 1 year they will release a new console??


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ukilnme3868d ago

Oh well, I'm still enjoying my Elite.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

Lifendz3868d ago

"they don't RROD on the newer models" or "it's the consumers fault." Give me a break. Sorry MS but you could make the greatest console ever but if it malfunctions at such a high rate you'll never get my (and many other gamers) dollars.

v1c1ous3868d ago

you would think every 360 everyone has RRODs regardless of model 100% guaranteed

ukilnme3868d ago

No damage control here. I am not a MS loyalist. I truly am enjoying my Elite. I have had one problem with it and a reboot fixed it. Yes the hardware has problems. They are trying to work it out.

The PS2 had well known problems which were eventually resolved by Sony after many complaints. I guess that does not matter because Sony "Faithful" want to scream ZOMG RROD! 3FIXME dies again! If you never plan on buying a 360 then why bother posting about it?

sonarus3868d ago

i am considering trading my 360 in and getting an elite if the price drops. Heard they are less likely to fail.

I hate it when gamers mention ps2 failures from 5-6 yrs ago. Msoft has had over 2 yrs to fix their console still nothing. I don't think you can compare ps2 hardware failure with 360 but who cares. That is the ps2's business if it failed. Last time i heard someone say the winning console is the one that fails so failing is a good sign. Fanboys will say anything

jmare3868d ago

The disc-read error, if I remember correctly, was caused a lot by people using early PS2s as DVD players a lot. I'm not saying that was the only cause, but that is the only cause I remember being talked about. For the sake of argument, say that was the only cause, Sony didn't fix it because they could claim user-error. It's sh1tty, but that's why the did that, just like MS does with the disc scratchng problems, they say it's user-error. MS had to own up for RROD becasue there is no way for the user to cause it.

zane5473868d ago


I just traded my premium to an Elite. Part of me thinks the Elite was Microsofts resolution to the problem while they go through the long stretch of sorting out the other models.

It's still an annoyance, though.

ukilnme3868d ago

You are correct. Fanboys will say anything, even the ones that are posing as unbiased gamers. So when MS next console comes out and is reliable all will be forgiven and forgotten right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

MetalProxy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Ah Hell No, people will remember this FOREVER!!!

theredfoxisquick3868d ago

No dude ps2 prob was no where NEAR the 360. i persoanlly have never heard or seen a broken ps2 or ps3. yet i have seen waaay more sony consoles than xbox 360's yet i have witnessed over 3 with the rrod. that is a problem. and even if the ps2 broke sony fixed it. microsoft has yet to repent.

LJWooly3868d ago

Well, we all know that Microsoft created the RRoD by purpose, so they could make more money out of replacement consoles. Mwahahahaha...

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iMad3868d ago

Usually you just need to reboot a console or plug TV or power cords back. Lame story.

decapitator3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Well in all fairness, a console shouldn't behave like that. Having to unplug a console just to make it work again is not a good thing.

spandexxking3868d ago

il tell you what is lame. 360 quality control. because if it wasnt for that we wouldnt be having these lame RRoD stories

iAmPS33868d ago

New motherboard my ass, more like new heating circuit!!!!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33868d ago

Another brill Pic 'iAmPS3'!!!!!!!! ;-D

doodle3868d ago

But x360 will be completely dead in europe on MARCH 28th 2008

good bye MS and XBREAK 3 FIX ME

Marcello3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Johnny Cash had a 360, he even wrote a song about it :P

and it makes a firey ring !!!

and it burns burns burns !!!

Mr Playboy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

$ony please bring games to your console, these droids are really desperate right now . they need to play some games and already watched tons of movies

please $ony have mercy


spandexxking3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

MR play boy you fail. you could of used that argument about 8-10 months ago but now you just look like an asshat. ps3's got games, deal with your insecurities.

Kleptic3868d ago


isn't it 4 red rings to represent an AV cable not being attatched properly?...and I have yet to see a single instance of a 360 having 3 blinking red lights, go through a reboot, and then be fine...MS has stated that the 3 red rings is a 'general hardware failure'...rebooting a system doesn't fix that, and MS said it is not software related...

its not a lame story...this is 3 events in 2008 that MS put up 360 kiosks and have some 360s fail in front of everyone...this problem is really going to hit critical mass if MS doesn't do something about it...the hardware failures are still happening, and there is no denying that the general public had been pretty forgiving of this matter so far...thats going to change pretty quickly I would imagine if this continues...

t-0_ot-3868d ago

iAmPs3 - Uhm.. at least the 360 would be good for something. The PS3 on the other hand... Aww not so much.. =]

iAmPS33868d ago

You and your "pearls"!!!

I could find more valuable thoughts in sewer water.

DragonKnight3868d ago

Yes, the 360 is good for something. It's good for bricking out and becoming a blunt object to use as a weapon. Other than that, well....not so much.

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dale13868d ago

thats two in a row gdc08 filmed by the bbc, now don,t play live its a 360 well bets on for the third,by the way these are the latest 360,s no wonder they dropped the price in the eu.interesting stat chart track had all hardware down in march in the uk except the ps3 which had 6% rise.360 however rose 36% since since the price drop, problem with that is the sales of 360,s were well down to the ps3 and have been since jan like 2.5 to 1

dale13868d ago

three stikes and your out is the slogan for new york, three lights and your out is the new slogan for 360 users

BLUR1113868d ago

omfg the red ring of death i never seen this before , lame story