The Sims 3 - Official details and images

Electronic Arts reveals officially the first details and images of The Sims 3.


Added more screenshots.

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HeroOfCows4877d ago

My friend will love this. She...has quite a bit of fun with the Sims...I'm just not sure if it'll have quite the appeal for me. Ah well.

Frnicatr4877d ago

I havent played the sims since the first one. Sims 2 didnt appeal to me as much. All I ever did was kill the family in a fire or something like that. Hopefully there's more features like that. :)

SUP3R4877d ago

I don't want no stinking screenshots, I wanted a trailer.
The game looks horrible frozen. At least some motion might give it some kind of appeal.
Sims3 is such a disappointment even though it's going to sell millions anyway.

hahahabutt4877d ago

How is The Sims 3 a disappointment? It is no where near completion. Let alone it's not even out to make such a bold statement like you have. You are disappointing.

Lionsguard4877d ago

Yea Sims 3 is going to be such a disappointment because every game goes gold during alpha stages am i rite?

SUP3R4876d ago

It looks like a freakin expansion pack that's why it's disappointing.
The leap from 2 to 3 should be equal to or surpass the leap from 1 to 2.