Possible Sony announcement Home at ION 2008 Conference

Reading a press release this morning peaked my interest. The PR document was about the upcoming ION2008 Conference for Online virtual worlds, And guess who was on the list for speakers?

Craig Dalrymple
Senior Community Relations Manager

Robert Mitchell
Director of Technology

John Smedley

All of Sony Online Entertainment, Something to do with Home? Possible Full Release date? We will wait and see.

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JoelR3866d ago

Unlikely as Home is SCEE and not SOE
SOE otoh has lots of stuff to discuss at a conference like this.

Kleptic3866d ago

was thinking the same thing...SOE might talk about upcoming MMOs and some downloadable PSN games...but thats it...

these articles are getting lame...Sony isn't going to announce anything big until at the very least their own Sony Gamers Day or whatever that is...which was in May last year...probably the same this year...but is most likely the time for a few trailers (killzone 2 and Resistance 2 hopefully), and more info on Home...Sony already stated that they save their own announcments for their own conventions...except for E3...which will probably be crazy this year...

lots on the line for everyone...

sonarus3866d ago

lol looks like there is a possible home announcement at pretty much every event now

kewlkat0073866d ago

HOME are were getting these days...

A lot of Duds if you ask me. websites trying to get hits, with these rumors sony announcement at every turn they get..

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Farsendor13866d ago

themart don't really like you fanboy attitude but im tired of it to i want home now im tired of waiting.

im not dissing sony or anything i like my ps3 its just i want more of a online community.

Apokalypsis3866d ago

Its also possible that you are the same person as POG!!!! I call Shenanigans!! ThePOG at Xboxkings

TheMART3866d ago

Well you're pretty wrong on that one. YOu can accuse all you want, but I have one account and one account only. Go ask the mods on IP etc.

I don't care about accounts. I don't care about bubbles. And go try and react on my post what it says. It is reality, right? Its not that I am making up the delay, Sony IS delaying it over and over again. That's not my fault.

And well, you could have multiple accounts, as the Sony Protection Group has taken over this site.

Kleptic3866d ago

again...they delayed it once mart...1 TGS 07 SCE announed that it was pushed back to Q2 2008...that was the first and only time its been delayed so far...the release window was slated for late spring/summer 2008...

the service was announced just over a year in nobody new about it before hand...

so to answer your question...yes you are making things are making it sound like its been delayed more than once...which it hasn't...and we all know that you are only in here to attempt to throw punches...

the mods of N4G made a specific 'zone' for people exactly like you...

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The story is too old to be commented.