Virtual First Drive: GT5 Prologue...Should I Buy it?

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is, despite its name, the eighth incarnation of Polyphony Digital's iconic racing series for Sony's various PlayStations. Given that GT4 Mobile, the long-awaited version for the portable PSP handheld console, has seemingly been scrapped, GT5: Prologue is effectively the first new product in four years from Polyphony and its lead producer, Kazunori Yamauchi.

Should I buy it?

Yes. If you shop around you can pick up GT5: Prologue on BluRay disc for under £20, and it has more than enough gameplay to justify that outlay (you'll need a PS3 and TV capable of doing the graphics justice too, of course.) But you do sense that the game is just a taster for what lies ahead; the full game will need super-slick online racing, a full damage model, hundreds of cars and dozens of tracks if it's to really take the series to a new level.

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decapitator4880d ago

I am getting it regardless of what any site says. Although, the reviews so far are very positive.

thirstycamel4880d ago

April 12th won't come soon enough.

iAmPS34880d ago

You both sound absofunkenright.

iAmPS34880d ago

knows the answer for this since the first GT on Playstion 1.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34880d ago

I remember(and still got) GT1 ;-P
+I remember when i got the DS1 pad to!!!;)
GT5:Prologue is worth it!!!;)

TitanUp4880d ago

i will not get this one but ill get the full version when it comes out.

Marcello4880d ago

I said that to myself too so yesturday i preordered cos i just know come March 28th i wont be able to resist :P

I am so weak :/ for Gran Turismo

decapitator4880d ago

Is not that you weak Marlec, this will probably be the best racing game yet and it is visually just so ever stunning.

spandexxking4880d ago preorder £17.99. bargin!

Marcello4880d ago

lol me too 27 Euro`s free shipping whoohoo !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.