Watch Dogs Trailer Recreated In GTA IV

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'paulclaynese' has recreated Watch Dogs' latest trailer in GTA IV, and let us tell you that it looks brilliant."

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Cobain192077d ago

Now that's a nice recreation. Looks great

BiggCMan2077d ago

Yea that was really good! Only the main character in Watch Dogs isn't black XD Still really awesome though.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2077d ago

wow nice! Want to see minecraft version!

merciless2077d ago

I opened WD 9min trailer on my ps3 yt app and proceeded to watch the entire thing on my 46" tv. When I was done I placed a WD preorder and canceled my GT preorder.

No more following trends this generation!

If it's not immersive gameplay and stellar graphics I'm not messing with it. I have seen battlefields new engine and if Cod ghosts doesn't look as gorgeous then I know where my hard earned money is going.

irokster2077d ago

If you were following trends this gen you're an idiot. Use your own head and think for yourself. If you think graphics is what's gonna sell games next gen, you're awfully wrong.

MilkMan2077d ago

Nice editing man!
Pretty sweet.