Wipeout HD: 60 fps HD Videos From The Preview Build

From Gamersyde:

"It's been some time since TTP sent us any new video, but as usual when he gets something, it's awesome! 3 HD 60 fps videos from the preview build of Wipeout HD, and more to come. Yes, this guy is great! It's also important to note that the slight slowdowns and tearing you'll see in these videos will be fixed (according to Sony) in the final build of the game."

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Massacre3864d ago

(60 fps) of awesomeness.. WOW....

iAmPS33863d ago

I don't want to point fingers but...

"Your dream is my reality"
- PS3

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33863d ago

Yeah but the xBot Lemmings have got Fatal Inertia game!!! ;-D

spandexxking3863d ago

wipeout one of my favourite franchises. F-zero has nothing on the series, untouchable. is this a remake of the original?

Azurite3863d ago

As I've come to understand it's a remake, yes.

Antan3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

I believe its based on the latest PSP installment.


To the disagreer its not based on the last PSP iteration but is clearly based on Madden 93 on the Megadrive.

iAmPS33863d ago

I think is based on the PSP too, not sure thought, and don't feel like searching.

Tryst3863d ago

Antan, I think it is pulling the best tracks from all previous games.

I have noticed a track that was in the very first Wipeout game.

DemiseofPandas3863d ago

They originally announced it as an HD Remake of the original.

Antan3863d ago

"Would it be fair to consider HD as a port? Apart from 1080p visuals and 60 frames per second animations, what makes it different to Pure and Pulse?

Firstly people should not underestimate the changes that 60 frames per second and 1080p visuals make to the game. Sure the environments are taken from the PSP versions initially but so much work has gone into hi-resing them up, every building model, and every texture."

I assumed it was an upgrade as such after reading an interview not long back, of which you can see a quote above. For me, its only an upgrade if you`ve played the original, if you haven`t then i guess it would feel like a new game. Remake or not, im very much looking forward to it, especially the online portion.

spandexxking3863d ago

has it got damage like 2097 coz if its like the first one and you cant actually destroy your opponents thats gonna be a downer:(

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