Sony Does Victory Dance Over HD-DVD's Grave - €150 Off New BD Players

Gloating victor Sony has offered owners of HD-DVD devices €150 off the purchase of Blu-ray high-definition DVD players. Last month, Toshiba conceded defeat after Time Warner decamped to throw its lot in with Blu-ray. Last night, Toshiba said profits will fall 31pc on the back of the high-def DVD defeat, as well as falling demand for flash memory.

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TriggerHappy3867d ago

€150 Off New BD Players ? Thats pretty good.

THWIP3867d ago

Sounds more like desperation, and bad business. If Blu-Ray has "won", why do they feel the need to do this?

ps360s3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

To get more consumers to buy a blu-ray player!


its not desperation, and bad business since they have won the format war, meaning they can cut the price (since production cost have lowered im guessing) and the only HD format availible!

Skerj3867d ago

It'd be desperation if they lost the war. But they didn't, and by offering those people discounts on BR players they're shifting them over and they'll still make money.

nomad1173867d ago

I thinks its great for the people who bought an HD-DVD player

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33867d ago

...Over xBox 360's Grave!!! ;-D

destroyah3867d ago

Truer words have never been spoken, Ken. Nicely said.

iAmPS33867d ago

I bet that people that are buying the new console in Europe after the price cut are also getting the HD-DVD addon.

It just seems like something BOTS would do.

Maybe they don't know the war is over the same way they don't know that there is a 70% chance their console dies within the first year.

Hail BOTS, they are just amusing.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33867d ago

Thank you 'destroyah' ;) and 'iAmPS3' keep up the good work;)
It will be a Merry Dance!!! ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.