New features coming for Blu-ray DVD format

The high-definition-video war may be over now that Toshiba has conceded defeat for its ailing HD DVD format, but those interested in buying a high-def Blu-ray player still might want to wait for new features coming in the fall.

Sure, existing Blu-ray machines can play the nearly 500 Blu-ray discs available. They can deliver gorgeous, top-of-the-line 1080p resolution on compatible high-def televisions. But the next crop of Blu-ray players will be compliant with the upcoming Profile 2.0 standard, which adds Internet connectivity to the machines via a feature called BD-Live.

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TriggerHappy3868d ago

Great news, anyone know when exactly this update will hit ?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33868d ago (Edited 3868d ago ) Buy your Blu-ray add-on xBots!!! ;-D
Put it on top of your unused HD-DVD Drive!!! ;-D

ceedubya93868d ago

will be able to do this, I'll be happy. I refuse to buy a stand alone player anytime soon.

HELLFIREV13868d ago

Might by a PS3 for this. But still i'm gonna wait till end of the year that way i'll have more games to buy/play. Or if the price comes down here in UK then i'll buy.