Nintendo has mastered almost every game genre

mii-gamer writes:

I had a random thought popped into my head while playing Fire Emblem Awakening. Not sure how the thought came into my head but it got me fascinated. So I decided to do a little snooping and my findings were interesting to say the least.

What was that thought?

Has Nintendo mastered all the game genre’s?

The answer? No, they have not mastered every game genre. But they are darn close to it.

Nintendo has got a reputation of relying on the same IP’s (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon). It is true to a certain extent but Nintendo has an impressive spread of games over many genres. Most impressive is the spread of quality games over many genre’s.

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SnakeCQC3550d ago

i really dont think its true. None of their games are actually mature they may be violent(mad world) but never have strong mature stories that deal with mature themes.

andrewer3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

and mature isnt a genre lol

BullyMangler3550d ago

LMAO . the N64 has some of the most Adult created games to ever hit this planet . . this is nintendos land kiddies < fact

Brucis3550d ago

>mature themes

How does that have anything to do with mastering all genres (which I don't think they have)?

admiralvic3550d ago

So your example is a game made by Platinum Games and published by Sega... makes sense...

Anyway, some games have mature themes and others are kind of dirty (like Captain Rainbow)... these titles typically don't come over to the US, but they DO exist.

In the end, is it possible to actually "master" a genre? Every game offers different experiences and those experiences may or may not be better for a genre. Like difficulty works for Spelunker, where as creativity works for Mario. I wouldn't say killing Mario's accessibility, while keeping it the "same" would result in a better game, in fact it would probably be worse. Also if Nintendo did in fact master said genre, then all post Mario titles would continually get better, though most people agree Mario Bros. III or Super Mario Bros were the best, though don't misunderstand this for saying Mario isn't good anymore. I guess I am just saying that Nintendo makes good games, some better than others, but assuming you can "master" something is sort of silly.

3-4-53550d ago

They became very good at many genre's early on in their gaming History though, so they've HAD to innovate and experiment more than others even though it doesn't seem that way.

They could have completely sold out the Mario Universe and gone downhill but they have chosen wisely for the most part all these years.

A lot of hate they get dies down over time and people usually smarten up.

Although they still make dumb mistakes again and again like not having 3D mario, Mario Kart, LoZ U, Pikmin 3, WW HD, + others available at launch.

kirbyu3550d ago

Pokemon Black & White.

It's not much, but it's something.

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crazysammy3550d ago

Mastered? No. Have they made a lot of quality games across a large number of genres? Yes.

maniacmayhem3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Okay, maybe not.

But they have definitely mastered the 2-D and 3-D platforming (Mario), Action RPG (Zelda)(Pokemon?) and the casual gaming (Wii Sports).

Which is why the title of the story says "almost".

Yodagamer3550d ago

I'd tend to agree, they've made great racing games, sport games, platform games, rpg's, action games, rts, adventure games and many others. The only game genre i can think they have ever lacked in are fps and tps.

admiralvic3550d ago

Some people really enjoyed Metroid Prime, so I can see people disagreeing with FPS, though I agree they haven't mastered everything.

3550d ago
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