Blu-ray Shoots Itself In The Foot -- Again

Washington, D.C. (March 19, 2008) -- The next series of Blu-ray players will offer several interactive features not available on current models.

That's according to an article by USA Today, which advises its readers to wait before buying a current Blu-ray player.

The publication reports that the new players will be compliant with an upcoming "Profile 2.0" standard, adding an Internet connection feature called "BD-Live."

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Genesis53863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Which just makes the future proof PS3 look all that more attractive.As a BR player,plus gaming console.

Lifendz3863d ago

especially when the two players are almost identical in price. Want a blu-ray player? Buy a PS3. It has the 2.0 capabilities already and it's upgradeable so you can stay up to date.

masterg3863d ago

How is adding new features shooting themselves in the foot?

BrianC62343863d ago

"How is adding new features shooting themselves in the foot?"

It isn't really but some people won't buy an old player if it isn't compatible with upcoming features. I don't blame them, so buy a PS3. But this story is ancient news. Why is he writing about it now?

The only reason Blu-ray added these new features though is they're features HD DVD had and Blu-ray didn't and it gave HD DVD one advantage. But I don't think most people will care about most profile 2 features.

Atomic3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Lol , by the title logic , the DVD format shot itself in the foot when it introduced the up-converting via HDMI feature in recent players ?

TheWickedOne3863d ago

Surprise you got so many disagrees. How can you disagree with any Blu-ray player that is upgradable, like the PS3 with one that is not.

Also, the title is misleading - again.

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TriggerHappy3863d ago

Once again, if you looking for a good BD player that will last you a while, PS3 is the way to go.

THWIP3863d ago

Blu-Ray finally gets HD-DVD out of the way...only to steal features HD-DVD had FROM THE BEGINNING. Now they create yet another reason for the consumer to wait for a "final" version of the format...thus giving DVD new life. I'm sure the PS3 will be able to do some sort of FW updates to keep up with these new features, but most consumers aren't going to buy a gaming console, just for HD movies.

DraconWolfX3863d ago

He's making a comment that isn't fanboyish. I don't see the need to be a backseat mod in this case.

Elginer3863d ago

comment is not fanboyish, it's the truth if you didn't know. HD DVD has had features from the beginning that Blu-ray has not. The only thing that really made a difference to was space issues, which is why BR disks had lossless audio, but if you don't have a $1000 like say a Pioneer ELITE you wouldn't know what you were missing.

I know because I own movies in both formats and they also use the same compression codec, so picture quality is exactly the same. To say that just because it's on blu-ray is a fanboyish statement. In the end it comes down to the codec the movie is encoded on the disk. I'm just glad that the whole format thing is settled with, but it does make some people that just bought a brplayer feel out of luck when the new 2.0 features come out and their machine can't play it.

solidt123863d ago

They didnt steal anything. They have been working on these features for a long time. HD-DVD just beat them to it.

mistertwoturbo3863d ago

incase you didnt know, blu-ray was delayed for the PS3. which is why the standalone BD players were missing those features from the get go.

BrianC62343863d ago

You're wrong. Most consumers will buy a PS3 as a Blu-ray player. You know why? Because it has the Sony name on it. Sony stands for quality.

BrianC62343863d ago

"incase you didnt know, blu-ray was delayed for the PS3. which is why the standalone BD players were missing those features from the get go."

That makes no sense. Blu-ray was only delayed because of a shortage of blue lasers needed for the players. The PS3 had nothing to do with it. And say it was the reason, how would that stop Blu-ray players from having the interactive features? It wouldn't. It would have given companies more time to add those features. Those features weren't in Blu-ray players because they weren't part of the Blu-ray spec. They were added recently to make Blu-ray better than HD DVD.

drewdrakes3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

If you think Sony stands for quality, try my W810i cell phone. Theyre good at TV's and consoles, but ive pooped products with more quality than their phones.

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decapitator3863d ago

Damn, Sony you need to get your things right before the media turns on you again. Currently, they are in bed with you people, it will be wise to keep it like that.

Tempist3863d ago

Look, this is how technology is. I don't think USB 1.1 was criticized when USB 2.0 was around the corner. This is just how the industry rolls. Early adopters do in many ways get screwed for making that choice of getting in early, but lets face it, they're in it while other people aren't. They get to be in many ways the leaders while all else looks like followers.

This happens all the time. You could say it's natural.

DRUDOG3863d ago

I agree completely. Most early adopters are not getting the best version of any particular product. Whether it be a vehicle or a BD player. I'm just glad I've got the future-proof PS3 and don't have to worry about this one. Another reason why I'm so glad that consoles have the ability to finally update the firmware!

humble_gamer3863d ago

i was an early adopter (launch) of my 60 gig ps3 and its still the best sku sonys made available imo.

DwightOwen3863d ago

I'm glad I snagged a 60 GB model so that I get to experience BC!

Sometimes it DOES pay to be an early adopter.

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Azurite3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Thought this was already widely known... and there's a few bd-players(at least one that I know I read about) that has an update feature similar to PS3(maybe it isn't released yet?).