Molyneux confirms two more "Fable-compatible" XBLA games

Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Keystone won't be the only XBLA game to allow users to gamble for game gold outside of the RPG, videogaming247 reports.

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moujahed3869d ago

Am I the only one who see's through this??

First off, why do you have to pay for an XBL game to play in order to earn gold. ( and have multiple ones ) Yet he said " Gambling " games... so that means You might not earn alot of gold.

You may lose alot, after paying for this game. Do you have to pay more to gamble???

I really wanted to play Fable 2, but hearing how you gotta raise kids, and now this crap. This tells me that this game is gonna suck ass.

And 360 is suppore to rule RPG's?? No sir.

Glad to be a gamer3869d ago

The whole point is that you don't have to but the choice is there. You dont have to get married or have kids, you could get married and then shoot your wife because she pisses you off, you could gamble all night or not touch the mini game. Jeez you could become a recluse and spend all your time with your dog or not have a dog at all.

Its called choice and choice is good. Ie you could of decided to get a games console for games rather then brand recognition.

Pain3869d ago

Buy more games to play 1? errrrr how bought no thanks...

Ghoul3869d ago

I think the idea to implementing those minigames is awesome

BUT if you gotta pay for those i gotta hate ms once more

fable + minigames + goldl!ve to play the game its meant to be played ?

Glad to be a gamer3869d ago

Moleneux is again bringing innovation to the games community. I mean the virtual dog as your companion, a family and now online gambling as a mini game simply brilliant. Hope it does not cost to much for the game. would be nice as a good will gesture if it was free.

This game is one of my most anticipated Moleneux just got a brilliant mind.