Videogamer: SEGA Superstars Tennis Review

Videogamer writes: "Fans love compilations. Just recently in the US Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl sold a staggering 1.4 million copies in its first week on sale. Yes, it's a good beat 'em up but its real draw is the huge number of Nintendo characters all in one package. In SEGA Superstars Tennis SEGA has attempted to mimic the Smash Bros. formula of taking classic characters and putting them in a solid game - in this case tennis. With Virtua Tennis 3 to work from, developer Sumo Digital has managed to create an entertaining if slightly more casual tennis experience and a game that all SEGA fans will get a real nostalgia kick out of.

At its core Superstars Tennis is essentially a slightly simplified version of Virtua Tennis. You've got your standard stroke and a slice shot, and combinations of these two buttons let you perform a lob and drop shot. It's remarkably simple and should be easy enough for anyone to pick up. What long-time Virtua Tennis fans won't be pleased with, though, is the lack of depth. Whereas in Virtua Tennis it was obvious if an experienced player was playing a novice, in Superstars Tennis it's not so clear cut. Sure, it's almost certainly intentional on Sumo's part in order to make the game appeal to a broad range of gamers, but it does mean that real tennis fans will move back to Virtua Tennis once all the SEGA goodness has been squeezed out of Superstars."

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Cynical-Gamerzus3869d ago

My god why do these last gen games look so much like Dreamcast games with more RAM
If so then why didn't they just release these game on the Dreamcast.I still own one!!!
Sega needs to stick to the Arcade market and Robot Toys market!!!Sega R.I.P