Greenpeace slams Nintendo over lack of public eco policies - Both Microsoft and Sony show improvements

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Greenpeace has again slammed Nintendo for not making public its policies on environmental waste.

The latest Greener Guide to Electronics shows a marginal increase for the Japanese manufacturer, following last year's report when Nintendo scored the lowest mark possible in the review.

"Nintendo remains the odd one out of the 18 companies in the Guide, without any public time lines to eliminate the worst toxic chemicals or a global recycling policy for the millions of products it sells every year," said the report. "If Nintendo has better policies why not make them public like the other 17 companies in the Guide?"

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blynx1823868d ago

They don't even have sufficient info to arrive at this point, or any info at all!!

Dark_Overlord3868d ago

yes were gonna save the whales, by getting our own huge fuel guzzling pollution spewing boat, and then with that were gonna ram the japanese fishing boats causing all the fuel to spill out into the sea and killing lots of wildlife.

As I said pure hypocrites