Gamedaily: Nanostray 2 Review - Shooter fans shouldn't hesitate picking up this demanding blastathon

Gamedaily writes: "Nanostray 2 improves upon the Nintendo DS original with an extra classic control option, a variety of modes and terrific presentation courtesy of the folks at Shin'en. However, due to its rampant difficulty scale and lack of credits, it may not be for amateurs or non-shooter fans.

Nanostray 2's stages shift between horizontal and vertical, changing up the perspective nicely. Either way you go, you'll shoot lots of enemies before battling with a nearly indestructible boss, chipping away at its weak point with a number of power-ups. It's old school at its best, although it may be too much for its own good. The game works on a progressive "do it all in one shot" system with few lives and credits. Run out of both and you'll have to start all the way at the beginning."

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