Supreme Court Denies Microsoft Bid To Block Novell Lawsuit

The Supreme Court turned down an appeal by Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) to stop a multibillion-dollar antitrust lawsuit filed by software infrastructure company Novell (NSDQ:NOVL). The ruling clears the way for Novell to proceed with its antitrust lawsuit, which alleges Microsoft leveraged its monopoly status in order to bury Novell's WordPerfect word processor and QuattroPro spreadsheet software.

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mighty_douche3955d ago

Seem's even MS don't have deep enough pockets to buy themselve's out of this one.

But at the end of the day, getting sued, even if its for a huge amount, do you think it will change their attitude? I doubt it.

le killer3955d ago

another chance to nash your teeth at the hated opposition lol!!

microsoft will probably worm their way out this one. they must have the cash for some of the best corp lawyers in the business..they get sued so often, they probably already employ some of the best.

i can't see what this has to do with gaming mind you.

mighty_douche3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )


What does this have to do with "sony boys", this has NOTHING to do with the 360? I'm not sure if people's brand loyalty extends that far.

Either way, I used to hate/love a lot of stuff about MS before they even entered the gaming sector, they're much bigger than just their console.

"i can't see what this has to do with gaming mind you. " thats why it in the "tech" section.... pay attention son.

tweaker3955d ago

yeah they automatically assume PS3 owners as Sony fanboys.

le killer3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

i did see that son lol.... even though it's a court case about word processing software, does it really warrant posting? come be honest! take your rose coloured glasses off answer honestly. i've seen your posts on here douche, and you are hardly an advocate for anything other than sony.

microsoft are lying thieving bastards that use their postition to hold back other pc software developers which is true. but could you or any other of the sony army on here, honestly say that this is not just another article that has been posted with the intention of generating a good ol m$ bashing??

who really cares that are being taken to court? their position is'nt gonna change, the eu with it's court rulings has'nt really done anything to them....another court ruling aint gonna touch em either. they're stiil gonna be where they were.

another giant corp just like ea stamping all over the little guys. which has always been the way of the world. and always will be.

@ tweaker

they? am i in a gang now?

hfaze3955d ago

And that's HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA, Muhuhahahahahahahahahahaha, Muhuhahahahahahahahahahaha...

Glad to see that Microsoft is not going unchecked in their monopolistic desires. If they would not have become flat-out greedy in the late 90's (doing things like threatening OEM's with drastically increasing their Windows and Office licensing costs if they continued pre-installing Netscape Navigator on their PC's), they would not be in all of this antitrust trouble right now in both the US and Europe.

Microsoft has used underhanded techniques for cornering markets (like office suites, operating systems, web browsers, etc.) for quite some time. Simply making a superior product is not good enough for them.

Phil Harrison Mk43955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

NEVER!!! ;-D
Micro$$$$$$$$$$$$oft would never try and do that!!! ;-D

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