C-Wars Vita and 3DS Versions Funded

The indie kickstarter title C-wars by Onipunks has reached its stretch goal for a Vita and 3DS version of the game.

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Snookies121991d ago

Interesting... Might have to check this out.

3-4-51990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

yea this has potential.

jujubee881990d ago

I've been wanting a new one on vita for awhile.

D3 was fine, but a new IP and something fresh like this seems right up my alley! ^^

CalebZachary84111991d ago

Might have to give this a looksie, as well.

r211990d ago

There was bit of conspiracy and bad rumors bout this KS but it all ended quite nicely for them and gamers :)

xploz1on1990d ago

Been looking forward this game. Love pixel art!

MoveTheGlow1990d ago

At first I'm all like "Great, someone Kickstarted an anime-inspired strategy game. Because those aren't being made at all! :P" But then I saw it in action - it really is both grid-based and real-time! It looks absolutely TWEWY-level bat-crap insane, and I'm excited!

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