Lawyers: Microsoft may launch Windows 7 'junk PC' scheme

Papers filed yesterday in the Vista "junk PC" lawsuit reveal that the lawyers suing Microsoft believe that before Windows 7 is launched, Microsoft may roll out a "Windows 7 Capable" scheme, similar to controversial Vista Capable plan for which Microsoft is now being sued. Here are the details, including excerpts from the court filing.

The latest filing is part of the lawsuit against Microsoft for a marketing scheme in which people claim that Microsoft misled consumers into buying the Windows Vista Capable PCs, even though the PCs couldn't run the most important features of Vista. Microsoft has tried to get a judge to freeze the case, and then throw it out of court. In response, lawyers filed papers listing all the reasons why the case should not be frozen.

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wAtdaFck3869d ago

XP will probably be the last good OS they released. Just today, I think there was news of Apple taking up more share in the OS market.

PumPum3869d ago

I just got Vista a while ago and now with MS rolling out a new Windows soon im kinda pissed about it.

ECM0NEY3869d ago

Yeah i think it was 14%

Azurite3869d ago

I think Microsoft must've learned something from all of this.
Would be surprised if they pulled another ME/Vista.

Phil Harrison Mk43869d ago

Micro$oft talk...
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz

OblivionStalker3868d ago

Vista Capable = Enough to run Home Basic.

Vista Ready = Enough to run Ultimate.

Just because the average Joe doesn't want to do some researching before buying, Microsoft should not be blamed. (Not a MS fanboy :)) They should blame the OEM's for not telling the buyers the whole story.

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