Positive Surprises At THQ Wii Event

MTV writes:

"I played a game a couple of weeks ago that I summed up in my notes as "Grand Theft Auto: Coloring Book."

A note like that indicates either that someone spiked the punch at the THQ Wii event where I played it or that the publisher has a game coming that is just that innovative.

It's actually the latter. The game is "de Blob." It was one of seven Wii games shown at a THQ Nintendo-platform love-in held a few weeks ago in Manhattan."

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jinn3959d ago

there r no surprises for the wii

Intrepid3959d ago

What are you talking about?
Nintendo's releasing their second half schedule at E3. They've already stated that there are some awesome surprises. The guys at IGN know some games that are coming and they said that we should be very very excited.