Intel future graphics target ATI, Nvidia

During a February earnings conference call, Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of Nvidia, repeated one thing over and over: graphics are in and the main PC processor is out. There is some truth to this. And Intel's plans for future silicon technology address this head on.

Pat Gelsinger, general manager of the digital enterprise group at Intel, spelled out Intel's strategies for future graphics technology on Monday. He addressed the higher-octane technology that will be built into future "Nehalem" processors and the highly sophisticated "Larrabee" chips that will be offered as "discrete" or standalone products.

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Avto3959d ago

I hear this thing is good for PC gamers cuz' devs will have less to do all of the work will be done on a single CPU/GPU whatever so no more work to balance the work between the to of em'