Just Cause devs: Wii U dev kits “collecting dust,” no plans to develop for the console

Just Cause devs: Wii U dev kits “collecting dust,” no plans to develop for the console

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Neavan2998d ago

not gonna change anything

socks2998d ago

It turns the WiiU into the Gamecube both 3rd party support and sales wise.

I think thats a big change from the blockbuster Wii. You dont?

dedicatedtogamers2998d ago

EA's lack of support killed another console. SEGA made it. It was the first console launched in its generation. Sound familiar?

loulou2998d ago


very true. everyone else will follow suit if ea have refused to support the wii u.

this gen is going to be tough for nintendo

ShinMaster2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

When you say that Wii U was
"the first console launched in its generation"
don't you really mean
"the last console launched in the current generation?"

It's currently competing with the PS3 and 360 since it plays games of the same level found on PS3 and 360.
I think that's why it's not doing so well, because it's competing at the PS3/360 level, not at the PS4/Nextbox level, which is what a lot of people are waiting for later this year. That, along with its price and lack of first party games.

BattleAxe2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Nintendo fanboys are straight up foolish. You have all kinds of developers saying that they will not be developing games for the WiiU, the sales numbers are poor, Iwata takes control of Nintendo of America out of desperation, and Nintendo is not having a big E3 conference this year.

If you people don't see that the writing is on the wall, then I guess its going to take Nintendo dropping out of the home console market for you guys to understand the gravity of the situation. I think Nintendo could pull out of home consoles within 2 years.

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Lior2998d ago

It only has 1GB of ram that is actually a joke when it was released in 2012, I would tell nintendo to get lost

subtenko2997d ago

Well part of it is because of half of Nintendos fan base. The one that secretly wants things to change but when they talk with sony and M$ fans they are ok with playing the same games mostly with nothing new.

The other half doesnt care what nintendo pulls ok (mostly the kids and the casual adults who bought a wii) and just buy anything.

I kinda feel sorry for Nintendo tho, if you were in their shoes you would be sweating O_o but not me cause I like Sonys take on things more.

Sony makes great 1st party and keeps new things coming. Nintendo used to be 2nd for me but I'll make that PC gaming (again) now.

badz1492998d ago

The Wii pretty much took the baton and sprinted while 360 was in the lead and the PS3 was practically jogging. the momentum was huge for the Wii and due to it being an SD console, games are coming from left and right non-stop although the momentum is pretty much dead now but it doesn't really matter anymore as they've sold almost 100 million of it!

the problem is, Wii U has none of the momentum left by the Wii and casual gaming has almost left the console scene for smartphones and tablets. Nintendo is not going to succeed aiming for that market thus making the core gaming experience the battleground for now and being just slightly better than the aging 360 and PS3 is really killing its chance to shine. 3rd parties are not showing enough support and even the "king of porting games" - EA is taking their hands off it and THAT is HUGE problem for Nintendo! I can't see anything other than price drop can save the Wii U now if at all and they better do it sooner rather than later as the launch of the PS4 and the next XBOX will not be very forgiving.

thechosenone2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

This is messed up.

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AngelicIceDiamond2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

*Sigh.. its simple. The more Nintendo loses out on third party, the more the Wii U will...

HammadTheBeast2997d ago

I'm surprised people still think this is fine.

The Wii U being released early was the only thing it had going for it, but Nintendo hasn't done **** to take advantage of this lead. I don't know what they're thinking, maybe people will go for Wii U when PS4 and Nextbox release?

TAURUS-5552998d ago

im not surprised, its like no ones interested in them and xbox is gonna be the new nintendo thanks to their focus on girls and little kids.

fr0sty2997d ago

Third parties never really supported Wii all that well either. Sure, it got some casual games here and there, or the occasional crappy port (Far Cry anyone?), but most of the blockbuster games didn't see a worthy port come to Wii. This only continues that trend. Developers do not want to have to scale down their games so a weak system can play them also. That costs them money in order to pay their programmers and artists to do these things, and when the Wii U has a Wiik install base, they is not a risk that is worth taking to them.

I called this 2 E3's ago when they announced Wii U.

kupomogli2997d ago


I see what you did there.

princejb1342997d ago

Idk what your talking about
Wii had a bunch of great games that were released exclusive to the wiiLike the tales of symphonic game or xenoblade
There were a few other third party games that were released exclusive to wii that had poor sales but the game were excellent in quality

showtimefolks2997d ago

in a way i am happy that Nintendo is being treated like this. They have been the Royal child of the gaming Industry who could do nothing wrong and get away with making the same gaming franchises that Nintendo fans get so excited for but when MS or Sony make one too many sequels its milking their IP's

so its ok for one company to make countless sequels and prequels but not for another to make 4 games into a series

all the core nintendo fana who are so happy with Gamepad now is the time to admit that it was a huge mistake. Nintendo wanted to Target core fans with its HD console but wanted the Mobile crowd with gamepad which resembled Ipad but in the end they get both wrong

people who have Ipads don't buy $50-60 dollar games their range is $5-10. and core fans like me are not buying wiiu because its not next gen console. go ahead disagree all you want all the major new engines don't support wiiu

all the R&D that went into making the gamepad should have gone towards making the actual system specs better and more next gen. Wiiu specs are on par with current systems and i don't know if Nintendo knows but people are tired of this gen and ready to move on

But than again Nintendo systems haven't gotten 3rd party support since NES so maybe people will buy wii-u just to play the nintendo exclusives

lets make as many mario or zelda games as we want but oh god if there is another halo or uncharted ttan its milking the IP's stop with this hypocrisy

linkofrs2997d ago

The Wii U's hardware capabilities are not on par with the generation of consoles that started in 2006. It has around 1.5-2X the capabilities then our current consoles and yet people down play that and condemn it to a dark corner. It may not be nearly as impressive in terms of computing power as the systems microsoft and sony have yet to release, but a console is only as good as it's software. All of these next gen consoles will have unique software due to their unique hardware, they just need time to develop it. As far as the game pad goes anyone could make some really interesting applications for it if they put their mind to it, just as anyone could make interesting software for other consoles. We need to wait for quality software to show up before we can judge anything, heck Sony and Microsoft both haven't even released their consoles yet.

linkofrs2997d ago

Also anyone who disagrees with me should check out the alpha footage for Shadow of the Eternals

showtimefolks2997d ago


Issue is my friend 3rd party games on Nintendo home consoles don't sell. So why would a big publisher risk developing a big gaming using wiiu to its max when end result most likely means they won't make that money back

Also no matter how you or anyone else spin it games on ps4 and next Xbox will look a lot better an more detailed than current systems and that means wiiu

When most next gen engines aren't compatible with wiiu that should tell you all you need to know. Also you said anyone can make cool applications for gamepad but is that why people need to buy a wiiu or any console for that matter to play a cool application? Also keep word being if and who will be funding that BIG IF?

Nintendo is in a lot more trouble than people think. I am about to be 30 been playing games since I was 6, this isn't gonna pan out for Nintendo.

We can say whatever we want about patcher but one thing he was rig about was WIIHD should have happened in 2010. Now Nintendo is stuck in the middle again and publishers will have consoles which are designed to take advantage of their engines and have proven track records when it comes to selling 3rd part games along with established networks

linkofrs2996d ago

I'm sorry if seem a bit too aggressive in my wording. There is no doubt that Nintendo will have a tough time with this generation. I'm merely saying that people shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch. Anyway, this upcoming generation of consoles should be able to support any of the upcoming game engines. The game engines currently being developed will most likely be very scalable. It is also very true that the next playstation and xbox will have more visually appealing games. In the end the biggest challenge for nintendo will be attracting 3rd party developers and they do have a very high likely hood of not being able to do that. I'm merely just trying to say that the wii u still has potential untapped. Most people are dismissive of it because there has been a major lack of software. Nintendo will probably be showing some good looking software as soon as the other developers show theirs( I hope). It does take a while to get used to new hardware which is why Sony and Microsoft haven't shown much yet. Anyway again I'm sorry if it seems like I'm singling you out, I'm just trying to ask people to be patient. =]

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Neonridr2998d ago

That's understandable, they don't feel the install base is big enough. Wait until after the holidays when Nintendo has released some of their larger 1st party games. You will see the install base quickly escalate and I think a lot of 3rd party developers will be reconsidering their plans with the Wii U.

excaliburps2998d ago

I hope that's true for Wii U owner's sake. It's either that or the PS4 and Xbox 720 will make it obsolete...even in the eyes of devs and publishers.

Minato-Namikaze2998d ago

The wii had a large install base but that didnt seem to help 3rd party devs much. Nintendo fans seem to be locked into buying nintendo 1st party games and very little else.

Neonridr2998d ago

somewhat true, but that is because in this day and age it isn't uncommon to see someone with multiple gaming systems. I had a Wii for all the first party games, but usually did all my multiplayer gaming on my 360 due to the larger userbase of Xbox Live.

jcnba282998d ago

That was only because the Wii wasn't a HD console.

Talamak2998d ago

I don't see Nintendo's holiday season doing so abundantly well with the next gen Playstation and XBox driving potential purchasers away...hell, with last holiday season, Wii U sales have not fared well against current systems, so what's going to change?

ceedubya92998d ago

I'm sure that some of Nintendo's upcoming 1st party games will help. Heck, I've been holding off buying one for a couple of reasons, one being that most of the games that I want to play for it are yet to be released.

It also needs a serious price drop. It is difficult justify buying a console that seems to be only marginally better than other HD platforms that are out right now, and it looks to be completely outmatched by Sony and Microsoft's new consoles that should be releasing by year's end.

I know that I still want one, but unless I come upon some extra cash that I just don't need, then I can't see myself getting one anytime in the immediate future with PS4/New Xbox on the horizon. The Wii U is a good idea that really should have happened years ago.

cleft52998d ago

Yeah they can wait until the install base is much bigger and no one cares about a game from them.

jony_dols2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

@Neonridr: Do you actually believe that?
2013 was supposed to be the year for Wii U to clear up in sales. They were the only 'next-gen' console on the market & since the initial success at launch, sales have been pretty abysmal.

This was a massive year for 3rd parties; games like Bioshock, GTA, Tomb Raider, Crysis & MGS, all deciding to pass on the U. Even it's biggest 3rd party publisher, Ubisoft, have started to edge away from the console.

Unless Ninty pulls something serious out of the bag before Sony & MS's unveilings at E3, then it won't recoverable come 2014...

gta28002998d ago

Expect a huge price drop this holiday season. It's the only way Nintendo can really compete when the PS4 and 720 drop.

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NYC_Gamer2998d ago

Wii U can't catch any breaks

Blackdeath_6632998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

so true, so many negative remarks and snubs from devs and consumers alike. i don't think the release of the ps4 will help either and after that the next xbox it will be sometime before nintendo can start to make amends keeping in mind they won't show up at E3.

Kamikaze1352998d ago

I bought my Wii U for first party titles. I knew it wouldn't get much third party support.

socks2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Then you really bought the next gen Gamecube. just 6 years late. Pretend the Wii never happened and my metaphor holds.

Edit - *Waiting for Xenoblade2, badly.

MEsoJD2998d ago

If all it's good for is 1st party, than why should Nintendo continue to make home consoles? Seems like it would be better if they'd go third party.

Kamikaze1352997d ago

Because their consoles and handhelds sell like crack after they release a few titles. They do get third party support, but very little of it compared to the other consoles and PC.

MEsoJD2997d ago


But, third party support, hardware(power) play a major role in longevity/support, and services. Nintendo isn't doing well in these areas compared to the competition. I like their games, but I can really live without the hardware.

truechainz2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

because it will never happen. Not because it isnt logical, but because of pride, and especially specific cultural differences in their business. It would be a sad day for gaming, but if nintendo went third party I would buy their games all the same because I already buy all consoles. However I think an important thing to watch is the joining of the console and handheld departments. Nintendo knows they were unprepared in a number of areas where they should have been prepared and are paying for it now. However they are taking steps to make a change, and I can only hope that they are taking notes to learn from things they did wrong. I don't mean they are gonna drop the wii u cuz that would make things worse. They are putting better focus and preparation in the next console though so we will see if it pays off

izumo_lee2998d ago

Ummm Wow...that's pretty up front about that. So the Wii & Wii U are actually the same no matter what Nintendo says. They both have little to no 3rd party support.

It is kinda sad. Sometimes Nintendo living in your own little bubble is not good for you, coming out of it once in awhile will actually do some good.