New Dead Space Details Emerge

Gameplayer has gone live with an exclusive interview with EA regarding the developer's exciting new survival-horror Sci-Fi IP Dead Space. It goes into plenty of detail about what gamers can expect.

"A survival horror title set in a huge, monster-infested spaceship, it introduces a lot of new concepts in gameplay. To help us come to grips with them, producer Rich Briggs gave us a demonstration of the game in action. As it turns out, Dead Space doesn't put you in the boots of a soldier or a marine, but of someone who solves problems for a living – like MacGuyver in a space suit."

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bigjclassic3868d ago

EA's version of Resident Evil 4, in SPACE, FTL.
Come on get creative EA, at least try!!

M1am1U3868d ago

I think this game has potential. It may not be completely original, but it may still be pretty fun. Plus, MacGyver is awesome. 8)