1UP Previews Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

1UP writes: "Hot Shots Golf series developer Clap Hanz has managed to take golf, a game many find deviously frustrating in the real world, and turn it into fun for all in the virtual world. We've always been impressed with the series' ability to bring cutesy and the hardcore together, but how does the team balance those different elements?

"We try to create a system where newcomers can pick up the controller, enjoy playing the game, and score decent results while also making it worthwhile to practice and leave lots of room to improve," says Masashi Muramori, president of Clap Hanz. "I would like to think that the gameplay is deep enough so that players feel there is no clear 'ending.'"

Plus, the adorable-to-the-point-of-annoying characters reel in casual gamers. But what's funny is that a game filled with slim-waisted, doe-eyed belles and smarmy frat boys of the future is considered a more realistic game of golf than EA's Tiger Woods game, which features PGA Tour golfers".

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meepmoopmeep3866d ago

HotShots is a user friendly, fun and relaxing game. With online and DLC it is endless. Easy enough for beginners and rough enough for 'Cores.

i'm just disappointed that it only has 6 courses and no mini golf. for a new gen game it should have been bigger.

it looks like this gen is going to rape our wallets with DLC