1UP Discuss the FF7 Prequel's Inner Workings with Director Tabata

Snippet from the interview...

"1UP: Tabata-san, Crisis Core appears to be your directoral debut. How were you selected for such a high-profile project? Were you intimidated to work on a prequel to a game as popular as FFVII?

Hajime Tabata: From the beginning, the plan was to create a Final Fantasy game for the PSP. When I was chosen to be director, it was my job to decide, specifically, what the title would be. After consulting with Mr. Nomura and Mr. Kitase, I decided it would be a Compilation of Final Fantasy VII title. Handling such a popular series was indeed a source of pressure, but a good kind of pressure that motivated all of us to do a good job.

1UP: Obviously, going into this project you knew how Zack's story would end, as well as many of the relationships and encounters he would experience. Did you find working to set a pre-defined scenario stifling?

HT: The dramatic irony of Zack's predetermined fate was the primary reason he was chosen to be the title's protagonist".

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