One Year Later: How Early 2008 Stacks up to Early 2007 (Part 2)

Year-over-Year Comparisons


Worldwide sales are up 26% in January and 38% in February (32% overall). NA and JP sales are about level (JP sales up 9% this year thanks to Brawl) with 2007 sales, while PAL sales have more than doubled since last year. Wii has been supply-limited in NA for both time periods, and was supply-limited in all regions back in early 2007. Thus the numbers indicate that PAL regions have a much higher demand for the Wii than they were being supplied early last year, while JP demand seems to have been pretty much in line with what was being supplied early last year. So for all you PAL residents, yes Nintendo was screwing you last year with system supply, but things seem to be ok these days. North America seems to be getting about the same supply as last year, with the extra produced systems mostly going to PAL markets, making it difficult to judge the true demand there, but if the situation continues expect another production increase this spring. Either way, it's pretty safe to expect much larger Wii sales overall this year than last year.

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