Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit details - IGN's interview

Burst Limit is the first entrant into the HD era of gaming for Dragon Ball Z. You've seen the hi-res screenshots but that, as they say, is only the beginning. To learn more, IGN went to Donny Clay, producer at Atari, for details on the fighting mechanics, number of playable characters and much, much more.

IGN: Can you explain the basics behind fighting mechanics? What other DBZ games is it similar to?

Donny Clay: I would definitely compare this title to the Budokai series a couple years back. The combo system and ultimate moves are very easy to pick up and play. But once you start getting into the countering system you'll see it's a very deep fighting game and very twitch based. You need to have really good timing in order to really take advantage of all that Burst Limit has to offer.

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