Uncharted: An Epilogue - GameTap's Interview

In this age of dark characters, shooters, and military sims, where have all the adventure games gone? Amy Hennig, creative director for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune at Naughty Dog and previously the creative director for the Legacy of Kain series at Crystal Dynamics, feels that there should be more. GameTap recently caught up with Hennig, who shared her opinion on the state of narrative in games, the effectiveness of cutscenes, Michael Jordan and the Windy City, Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam, and Electro Cop.

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dallasfan4894877d ago

Ahhh this has me so pumped!! I need some info on uncharted 2!! Hopefully at E3, or before, I would assume SONY would save it for E3, but hopefully we get a trailer or some info on Uncharted 2.