FlatOut: Head On reviewed by GameSpot

There's something rather charming about the low-fi nature of FlatOut: Head On. With its Dukes of Hazzard-style vehicles and single-minded hunger for destruction, it definitely has a gritty charm--like Burnout on a budget, if you will. But what FlatOut lacks in refinement, it makes up for with a twisted sense of humour, an assortment of game modes, and some frankly outrageous stunts. FlatOut fans will definitely get a feeling of déjà vu if they pick up this first iteration of the series for the PlayStation Portable, but that doesn't stop it from being a very enjoyable handheld racing game.

The Good
* Multiplayer modes
* Great physics and damage
* Lots of varied game modes
* Plenty of challenges.

The Bad
* Not that different from FlatOut 2
* Slightly too difficult.

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