1UP: Winning Eleven 2008 Wii Review - Be a real field commander

1Up writes: "A mandatory tutorial for any game usually sends up the caution flags. If that game happens to be a typically (and often necessarily) complex sports game, then greeting players with a series of training exercises isn't the most welcoming of first impressions. And if it also happens to be motion-control dependent? God help us.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for Wii includes all of these things. It also features drawing arrows on the screen to move your 11 players, flipping the Wii Remote to execute offside traps, and individually marking opponents for automated defensive coverage. If you're just going by screenshots or videos, it looks less like a soccer game and more like planning an invasion of Panama. But don't let that scare you off: The Wii edition of Pro Evo 2008 is the most interesting of all the console versions, and if you're a little burned out on the series' more traditional (and stagnant) offerings, it's also the most fun."

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