IGN: Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor Hands-On

IGN writes: "Stardock has had quite a 2008 thus far with the release of Sins of a Solar Empire, a game that has immediately established itself as a serious contender for strategy awards at the end of the year. And Stardock isn't waiting very long to unleash its next project: Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor. This is the second expansion to 2006's acclaimed space strategy game, and it packs a dizzying number of changes and improvements.

On first glance, Twilight of the Arnor looks like a highly-polished version of Galactic Civilizations II, which is saying a ton considering the fact that Stardock has spent the past couple of years polishing and improving the core game already. The lengthy feature list includes custom tech trees for each of the 12 factions, a new campaign, new music, much more. One of the biggest additions also deserves its own sentence: there are now terror stars, which are basically Death Star-like space stations that can destroy whole worlds. It seems that churning out expansions on a yearly basis allows the designers plenty of time to come up with new ideas."

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