Persona 4 to school Japan in July

Joystiq writes, "Repetitively suicidal magical teenager news now, with Atlus Japan lifting the lid on its PlayStation 2 follow-up to Persona 3. Confirming earlier reports, Siliconera has revealed that Persona 4 is scheduled to arrive in Japan on July 10th, complete with a new weather system. Though a meteorological forecast might not sound like the most exciting addition to an RPG (unless its the name of a spell), consider that misty days will signal someone's untimely demise in Persona 4."

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heyheyhey3869d ago



P5 for the next-gen??

Skerj3869d ago

If I didn't already know how story intensive these games are, I'd import just because. But alas, my Japanese isn't good enough to get through the 130+ hours this game will surely take for me to complete. They better be working on the translations though like NAO.

Homicide3869d ago

Persona games are always pure gold. Haven't played Persona 3, but I heard lots of great stuff about it. Can't wait for it. The theme sounds interesting.

Reibooi3869d ago

I can't wait to play this. I hope it gets a US release quickly. Good thing is that Persona fans have Persona 3 Fes to hold us over until P4 comes out.

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