1UP reviews Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Though a great overall package that packs a lot value, Vegas 2 is probably best characterized as a glorious example of fan service. Though not necessary, familiarity with the previous game adds tremendously to the overall experience, and many of the enhancements are direct responses to the very vocal and passionate community that plays online regularly. Though there are a few funky issues with the single-player campaign, they by no means outweigh the good stuff that the game has to offer overall.

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chaosatom3334496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Nice score from 1up.

I am still kinda stuck between must-rent or must-buy. I didn't play the first one, so maybe i'll buy that if its cheap. I am cheap that way because I still wanna be able to pick up gtaiv but i guess it's going to be sold out for 2 weeks.

Lifendz4496d ago

but even if it is you can pre-order the game now to hedge your bets. I did that and I know I'm getting my copy on April 29th.

Bolts4496d ago

If you have a Xbox this game is definately a buy, the Live RB6 community is quite large and there isn't another good shooter for a long while. If you have a PS3, its a rental or skip, there are lots of better FPS down the pipe. At this point even the so-so Haze looks more attractive than Vegas 2's boring Unreal 3 engine.

joydestroy4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

us hardcore Vegas fans like myself can't wait to scoop it up, good or bad reviews. i even pre-ordered mine. picking it up in a little over 12hrs and counting.

Bonsai12144496d ago

i'll buy it when its cheaper so me and my buddy can blast through it like we did the first one. local co-op is the way to go. definitely the most engaging and fun.

Mr Marbles4496d ago

do they always preview these games on the 360 first? This makes me wonder about the quality of the PS3 version, why do the developers always release the 360 version for review if PS3 is the lead platform for all the games now?

GETPWNT4496d ago

First game is AWESOME, but if u have to choose, GET CONDEMNED 2 instead of Vegas 2. TRUST ME! :)

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