1UP reviews Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

Ever since the original Hot Shots Golf expertly dumbed down the snooty sport for the unwashed gaming masses, successive versions have played it pretty damned safe, offering the same easy-breezy game mechanics with minimal tweaks and additions. Inaugural PS3 installment Out of Bounds keeps that legacy largely intact -- returning vets will quickly acclimate to the well-designed courses, doe-eyed avatars (now eerily surrealistic Hummel figurines thanks to the PS3 visuals), and forgiving swing system.

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Silellak3956d ago

Is it bad that THIS game is almost enough to convince me to get a PS3?

I guess I've always been a closet HSG fan.

boodybandit3956d ago

Not at all. I am a huge shooter fan and I don't purchase many sports titles of any kind but I can't wait to pick up a copy of Hotshots this week. It's the only golf game I play on consoles. It is just one of those quirky games I cant get enough of when they are released.

Sevir043955d ago

Hotshots rocks, now they need to bring Tennis to PS3 and they're we'll have some fun better than The stupid virtua tennis that sega is so prone to release. and this game makes EA's poor offerings look like are horrid experiment gone rogue,

honestly i dont know how EA's sports games manages to escapse the either inner circle of Hell?

i'll buy this next week. along with Dark Sector